Dinner: Impossible

Season 3 Episode 12

Firehouse Fiasco

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 28, 2008 on Food Network



  • Trivia

    • Dishes Served:

      Shrimp & Mushroom Bisque

      Romaine Salad

      Barbecued Salmon with Grits
      Steak au Poivre & Portobello Crusted Chicken with Warm Potato Salad
      Vegetable "Purse"

      Brussels Sprouts (not shown)


  • Quotes

    • (Robert has asked for help.)
      Joe Olsen: I can do whatever the heck you want.
      Robert: You're the man. Listen, I want to hire him.
      Joe Olsen: Tough. I love my job; it ain't happening, baby!
      Robert: No, but you got– .
      Joe Olsen: This is the greatest job on the planet, all right?

    • Robert: Third course. What would you cook if you had fish? Let's go there.
      Olivia Myers: Catfish.
      Robert: And how would you cook that?
      Olivia Myers: I would usually fry it.
      Robert: All right, where's the fryer? (looks around the kitchen)
      Olivia Myers: Oh, no, no. You take a pan, right? And you put it on the stove, and you fry it.
      Robert: Right. Okay, good. So salmon it is, then.

    • (Planning the menu.)
      Robert: We got 75 people, seven hours– .
      Rudolph Hill: I don't eat beef, and we got some people that don't ea– vegetarians.
      Robert: Vegetarians, no beef. We have no fo– (chokes on a chuckle) –od.
      Olivia Myers: No dairy for them vegetarian people, too.
      Robert: Oh, and the hits just keep coming.

    • Olivia Myers: You definitely got a challenge on your hands. Especially when you see the condition of the kitchen. (starts laughing)
      Robert: Now I'm starting to get worried; you're laughing. I'm stood here and the three of you are laughing.
      Olivia Myers: It's so much funnier when you're not cookin', that's all I got to say.

  • Notes

    • Also Featured:

      > Derrick Sawyer – Battalion Chief, Engine 16, Philadelphia Fire Department
      > Rudolph Hill – Captain, Engine 16, Philadelphia Fire Department
      > Olivia Myers – Firefighter, Squad 47, Philadelphia Fire Department
      > Robert McNeal III – Firefighter, Engine 16, Philadelphia Fire Department
      > Joseph Olsen – Firefighter, Engine 16, Philadelphia Fire Department
      > Theodore Speights – Firefighter, Engine 16, Philadelphia Fire Department
      > Lloyd Ayers – Philadelphia Fire Commissioner

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