Dinner: Impossible

Season 7 Episode 13

Robert and Guy's Holiday Havoc

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 09, 2009 on Food Network



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    • Diner: The only thing wrong with this meal? That plate's not big enough.

    • (The tri-tips have been consumed by fire.)
      George: Guy, when it's brown, it's cookin'; when it's black, it's done!

    • Guy: (to Frankie and Adolfo) Watch out, Chef Irvine will bite you!
      Robert: This is the nice Chef Irvine today (to Frankie and Adolfo) as long as you hurry up.
      Frankie: How come in the kitchen you're so serious?
      Robert: How come I'm so serious in the kitchen?
      Frankie: Yeah.
      Robert: Um, I think a lot of it is to do with my training, and a lot of it is do with: if we don't get this done, 300 people don't eat and I don't like to fail. I'm a tough guy to work for, but George has been with me 11 years and he's still with me, so I can't be that bad, right? Isn't that right, Georgie?
      George: It's the money!

    • Robert: Breanna, what do you like?
      Breanna: My mom makes a corn bread stuffing.
      Robert: Corn bread's kinda corn bread. You throw some honey on it, or whatever.
      Guy: Well, her mother's recipe is special, right?
      Breanna: No, it's out of the box.

    • (In the midst of multiple equipment breakdowns and no menu items completed.)
      Guy: Captain Crazy Menu over there, he thinks that the reason you can count to 100 is 'cause that's how many menu items there could be. Me, I like to keep it right into 20, just toes and fingers.

  • Notes

    • Also Featured:
      > Dr. Mary Bates – CEO, Boys & Girls Club of Greater Santa Rosa
      > Pat Nicklin – Managing Director, Share Our Strength
      > Frankie – Boys & Girls Club Member
      > Breanna – Boys & Girls Club Member
      > Jade – Boys & Girls Club Member
      > Adolfo – Boys & Girls Club Member
      > Amy Davis – Corporate Communication Specialist, Raley's
      > Marshall Bauer – President, Wine Country Party & Events

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