Dinner: Impossible - Season 1

Food Network (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Boot Camp
    Boot Camp
    Episode 13
    Chef Irvine has to prepare a meal for over 800 marines in just seven hours.
  • Rush Dinner: Frat House: Impossible
    Chef Robert has just nine hours to prepare fixings for a cocktail party and a five course dinner on behalf of a university president, but the venue may be his undoing.
  • The Frozen Chef: Ice Hotel Impossible
    Chef Irvine must feed the 75-person staff of Québec's Ice Hotel (Hôtel de Glace) in six hours. However, as the name implies, the accommodations are made entirely of ice and snow and he must make do with jury-rigged burners, outdoor ovens and foraging for food at another hotel, not to mention he doesn't speak French. Between time spent grousing about the cold and a student staff, is this one challenge he won't complete?moreless
  • A Hollywood Ambush: Premier Impossible
    Chef Irvine is punked during an interview and then heads to Santa Barbara to prepare food for a 350-guest premiere party hosted by a fellow Brit. Unfortunately, a makeshift kitchen in an alley and sketchy help may make this Robert's premiere failure.
  • Secret Service: Inauguration Impossible
    Chef Irvine has much more time than usual for his hors d'oeuvres challenge, but he also has many more patrons: 4,000 people will be attending the event.
  • Infiltrating the CIA
    Chef Robert has seven hours to make seven original dishes and to recreate seven dishes for the master chefs who created them and 70 students from the Culinary Institute of America, using only his palate and five students for sous chefs.
  • Stranded: Deserted Island: Impossible
    Chef Robert has less than four hours to create a traditional Bahamian feast for 20 people using only items from the island or surrounding ocean; plus, he has to break in two new sous chefs.
  • The British Cowboy: Cattle Drive: Impossible
    Chef Irvine rustles grub for 450 cow hunters, trail riders and wagon drivers, but he has only seven hours to concoct at least eight dishes and 900 pieces of cornbread using only traditional chuck wagon cooking methods from the Old West… and just to make things really interesting, he cannot serve any dish that has been served already on this cattle drive.moreless
  • Race on the Rails: Dinner Train: Impossible
    Chef Irvine has eight hours to prepare a five-course meal for 160 customers on a dinner train in the tiniest kitchen he's ever used. And to make things even more stressful, he's only allowed one George.
  • Back in Time: Ye Ol’ Dinner Impossible
    Chef Robert Irvine is in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, and he has six hours to prepare a two course 18th-century meal for food history experts, with at least ten dishes. But here's the rub: he can use only methods, tools and ingredients from the 1700s. Can he and the Georges function without their ever-present cell phones?moreless
  • Miles Off the Coast: Fundraiser: Impossible
    Somewhere on an island off the coast of Maine, Chef Robert – with no apparent food or equipment – must concoct a fund raising event in eight hours.
  • Beg, Borrow and Steal: Tailgating: Impossible
    Will the City of Brotherly Love live up to its name? With only $300 and no kitchen, Chef Irvine must "beg, borrow, or steal" from tailgaters at a Philadelphia Eagles game to get food and equipment so he can create a gourmet meal for 40 Eagles' executives and VIPs in four hours.moreless
  • Here Comes the Chef: Wedding Impossible
    Chef Irvine must create a wedding reception dinner for 200 guests. The thing is, he has only eight hours to pull it off and a very youthful staff.