Dinner: Impossible - Season 3

Food Network (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Firehouse Fiasco
    Firehouse Fiasco
    Episode 12
    Chef Irvine has just seven hours, and a minuscule kitchen, to prepare a celebratory five-course dinner for 75 firefighters, one of whom just received a promotion.
  • Operation: Improv
    Operation: Improv
    Episode 11
    Chef Robert may hit a comedic note as he prepares a meal for 225 audience members at the DC Improv Comedy Club in Washington, DC.
  • Culture Clash Wedding
    Chef Irvine prepares a reception that must fuse Asian and Irish cuisines, and it has to be the best dinner he's ever prepared since the wedding was brought forward for a very special reason.
  • Brewhouse Bites
    Brewhouse Bites
    Episode 9
    Chef Irvine is tasked to make a five-course gourmet meal that includes Michelob Craft beers in each dish, but the real challenge is that he's preparing the dinner for discerning palates indeed – the brewers and tasters.
  • Groundhog Daze
    Groundhog Daze
    Episode 8
    Chef Irvine sticks his head up in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, but he may just duck back down again when he finds out his challenge to cater a gourmet breakfast requires an all-nighter and reliving special moments with prior guest chefs.
  • Santa Fe Struggle
    Santa Fe Struggle
    Episode 7
    Chef Robert travels back in time – the 18th Century – when he's tasked with preparing a celebratory meal for 60 guests to commemorate Santa Fe's 400th anniversary.
  • Late for the Luau
    Late for the Luau
    Episode 6
    Chef Irvine has to master traditional Hawaiian cuisine quickly in order to complete his assigned task of a luau for 150 guests.
  • Robert & the Chocolate Factory
    Chef Robert gets in touch with his inner Wonka when he visits the Hershey's factory where he must create a five-course gourmet dinner that includes chocolate in every dish.
  • Circus Juggling
    Circus Juggling
    Episode 4
    Chef Irvine takes on the big top when he's asked to prepare a dinner for the 30th anniversary of the Big Apple Circus. Not problem, except he has to tempt the palates of all the performers and workers who hail from many different countries.
  • Medieval Mayhem
    Medieval Mayhem
    Episode 3
    Robert takes a trip back in time to Maryland's version of Renaissance England when he's charged by King Henry VIII to prepare a feast fit for His Royal Highness, Anne of Cleves and their 30 guests at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. He has seven hours and very primitive tools. Will he succeed or suffer a royal embarrassment?moreless
  • Air Force Anniversary
    Robert helps Sheppard Air Force Base celebrate the Air Force's 60th anniversary when he's tasked with double the fun: a gourmet buffet for 900 enlisted men and their guests, plus a five-course dinner for 100 officers and various VIPs. He has just 10 hours to accomplish what a committee has been planning for a year, and his crew is airmen who last saw KP duty in basic training, if then.moreless
  • Cruise Against the Clock
    Chef Irvine travels to Alaska, where he's tasked with making hors d'oeuvres for a sail-away party of 2,743 guests on a passenger ship in less than eight hours. There'll be no clear sailing tonight as he contends with strict cooking codes, moving between kitchens scattered on 14 decks and a regulation hat that won't stay on his head.moreless