Dinner: Impossible - Season 6

Food Network (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Barbie's Birthday Breakdown
    Chef Robert is out of his element in more ways than one tonight. He's tasked with creating hors d'oeuvres for 250 Mattel VIP guests celebrating Barbie's 50th birthday at a life-size Malibu Dream House. Not only does the menu have to be girly, he must also cut it down to Barbie size. Even worse, he can't use the perfect kitchen because it's in the perfect house, so he's left to create an outdoor kitchen with inclement weather and worn equipment. The nine Barbies designated as muses may not be enough to inspire his usual triumph over the chaos, and for the first time Robert says "No."moreless
  • Crossword Puzzle Crisis
    Chef Irvine will have a more difficult challenge than usual tonight, because not only must he cook, but he has to become a puzzle master as well when he's tasked with dinner for 500 attendees at the American Crossword Puzzle tournament, and each of the dishes must translate into crossword puzzle clues for an event at the dinner. He has just eight hours to complete 500 plates, plus twenty special presentation plates as clues for the puzzle he creates, and one of his assigned helpers is a vegetarian who has never cooked before.moreless
  • NBA All-Star Stress
    Chef Robert has 10 hours to prepare a charity dinner for 2,000 guests, but he'll need all of that time because his "dream team" is comprised mostly of culinary students from a local college, and between training staff, creating 10 theme dishes, bad shopping decisions and a last-minute new challenge, this may be the first failure of the season.moreless
  • Casino Craziness
    Casino Craziness
    Episode 3
    Chef Irvine travels to Connecticut's Mohegan Sun casino tonight, and his menu will be determined by Lady Luck when he spins a specially-labeled roulette wheel that will tell him what and how much to cook.
  • Yahoo Search Scramble
    Chef Robert has eight hours for this challenge, creating an anniversary dinner for 450 people, but he'll need all the extra time because he's been sent to Yahoo! headquarters where their search engine will determine his menu of unlikely ingredient combinations. Add in missing ingredients, staff turmoil and last minute requests, and he may not be able to complete the mission.moreless
  • X Food at the X Games
    Chef Irvine returns to the show tonight, and he faces his own extreme cooking conditions when he has less than seven hours to prepare food for 200 hungry extreme athletes attending and competing at the X Games.