Dinner: Impossible - Season 7

Food Network (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Robert and Guy's Holiday Havoc
    Guy Fieri (Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, Guy's Big Bite) has asked Chef Irvine to his hometown of Santa Rosa, California, where he wants to put on a holiday extravaganza for the local Boys and Girls Club—they have 10 hours to create a feast for 300 people. He wants to do it up "D.I.-style." He'll certainly get his wish, complete with multiple equipment breakdowns, a late-in-the-game curve ball, and a clock running down with no completed dishes. But Robert determines his holiday gift is a stress-free day. Can Guy maintain his trademark cool in the face of this switch around?moreless
  • Newseum: Museum Mayhem
    Chef Robert arrives in Washington DC at the Newseum. It's none other than Mr. David Gregory from NBC news who delivers Chef Robert's mission: in 8 hours he must prepare a menu for 300 people based on four food events that occurred in American history. Chef Robert must cook dishes that represent WWI food rationing, early Thanksgiving, the creation of TV dinners, and the publication of Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking".moreless
  • WWE: A Mission on the Mat
    Chef Robert is at the Summer Slam, WWE's biggest summertime event, and he has nine hours to prepare a fantastic meal for 300 WWE VIPs. However, the dishes he creates must be inspired by the superstars' signature moves, such as the Knife Edge Chop, the Clawhold, and the Frog Splash. And yes, the Big Show, the seven-foot-400-pound enforcer will be there, breathing down Chef Robert's neck. Oh my.moreless
  • Double Jeopardy
    Double Jeopardy
    Episode 10
    In Twinsburg, Ohio, Chef Robert's mission is to create a spectacular meal for 250 twins at the largest annual gathering of twins. However, for every dish Chef Robert makes, he must duplicate it using the same ingredients, creating a new and different dish.
  • Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: Rock the Chef
    Chef Robert must create a fabulous dinner for 250 VIPs at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in just nine hours and his dishes must be influenced by six important music varieties: the Blues, Rock and Roll, Rap, Seattle Grunge, the British Invasion, and Woodstock.
  • Sesame Street Scramble
    To help Sesame Street celebrate its 40th birthday in Langhorne, PA, Chef Robert and his sous-chefs Maria, Elmo, and Cookie Monster must cook up a menu for 250 parents and their children in just 8 hours using only the letter B as inspiration.
  • Block Party
    Block Party
    Episode 7
    Like nothing before, it's David vs. Robert in the ultimate chef vs. chef battle on Palmer Street.
  • Ice Cream Meltdown
    Ice Cream Meltdown
    Episode 6
    Chef Robert takes a trip to Vermont where he has nine hours to feed 400 of Ben & Jerry's employees with food inspired by 15 of their wildest flavors.
  • Food Court Fiasco
    Food Court Fiasco
    Episode 5
    All the employees at Philadelphia's Bourse building have taken a vacation day, and Chef Irvine must feed the hundreds of people who come to lunch at the famous food court there by himself. He has all night to prepare, but it may not be enough time because he has to stock and open all seven restaurants with seven very different cuisines.moreless
  • Feeding Frenzy at the Zoo
    Chef Irvine gets in touch with his inner beast tonight when he prepares dinner for 900 guests celebrating the Philadelphia Zoo's 150th anniversary. Not only must he produce results in only nine hours, his menu must be based on diets for four of the zoo's biggest attractions: birds, primates, big cats and reptiles.moreless
  • Amusement Park Adventure
    Chef Irvine must make amusement park food that doesn't taste as such for 250 coaster enthusiasts who've descended on Six Flags Great America to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their Raging Bull roller coaster, and he has just nine hours to accomplish his task. Unfortunately for Robert, he can visit no grocery stores and must do a time-consuming canvass of the entire park's restaurants and vendors for foodstuffs so he can fulfill his menu vision. Robert being Robert, is not above a little horse-trading or impassioned pleading when ingredients don't go his way, but as the clock ticks down and the team scrambles to accommodate equipment failures and menu adaptations, there's a real chance this adventure will get the best of the chef.moreless
  • Candy Catastrophe
    Candy Catastrophe
    Episode 2
    Robert visits the world's largest candy store and is tasked with using the candy there in every dish he creates for a group of 250 diners.
  • Roller Derby Debacle
    Chef Irvine visits a women's roller derby venue, but this will be no easy skate. He's tasked with feeding 300 players in eight hours, and the catch is that no one can use utensils to eat the food. Mix in a revolving kitchen crew who keep punching holes in the food meant to hold the dishes, and this may be a recipe for disaster.moreless