Dinner: Impossible

Season 1 Episode 6

The British Cowboy: Cattle Drive: Impossible

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 21, 2007 on Food Network

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  • What's a British chef doing in a place like this??

    I really enjoyed this episode. All these challenges take Robert out of his comfort zone (or does he have a comfort zone?) However, this one was just amazing. He had to cook for some hungry cowboys (and girls), and make them a gourmet meal using nothing but what would've been available during a cattle drive. He was able to shop a little, but that was miles away and it all just took a lot of time. Plus, one of the requirements was that he make cornbread. When his helper went to make the cornbread he found they hadn't bought any, plus they just had a small amount with the original supplies. Anyone who's made cornbread will tell you...you need baking powder or it'll turn into a corn flavored hockey puck! They tried with what they had, but as it wasn't up to Robert's standards, it was quickly abandoned. That part of the challenge wasn't completed, obviously.

    Time was running out, and there on the horizon were dozens of people on horseback. Robert and crew kicked into even higher gear and by the time the tired, hungry cowboys (and girls) got off their horses.....a sumptuous meal was waiting for them. I'm familiar with a lot of what was on the menu, and it looked fabulous. Those riders were in for a treat and were very appreciative to Robert and his crew for the delicious and original dishes he served.

    Then, when the job was done.....what was a British cowboy to do??? Ride off into the sunset, of course.