BBC (ended 2000)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Monday
      Episode 1

      On an otherwise typical Monday morning, Bren's canteen is thrown into crisis when Norman the bread man fails to deliver the granary torpedoes. Should she sign the docket or not? Meanwhile, Jean is preoccupied with planning her daughter's wedding and finding the entertainment. Bren's mother Petula drops in with some ideas, but they're probably not quite right. Tony has to go to the hospital to see how his cancer's going. In the midst of this, Anita's in floods of tears (it's her period), Twinkle can't spell minestrone, and nobody's put out the gravy. New Human Resources person Philippa makes her presence felt, bugging everyone to try some group activities. Scottish country dancing anyone?

    • Royals
      Episode 2

      There is excitement in the canteen when news of a royal visit to the factory comes through. Nobody's very sure who's coming - Princess Anne doesn't do factories, Prince Edward does theatres - but they're all getting into a flap. When it turns out it's someone called the Duke of Danby, nobody has heard of him, save for Stan, who met him at Catterick years ago. Everyone throws themselves into role play and preparations: Twinkle has to be warned not to say they serve "arseholes on toast" and Anita is worried about her nipples popping up. Tony is adamant that the royals aren't speaking to the girls - God help the Duke if he does. When they eventually turn up, Twinkle's struck dumb, Anita says the wrong thing and Stan's devastated that the Duke doesn't remember him. Meanwhile, all the Duke wants is a bit of sex with poor Bren.

    • Scandal
      Episode 3
      The girls in the canteen become very excited when a film crew offers to come and film them for a week. A dark cloud is cast over however when Bren's mother Petula turns up, wishing to stay in the factory car-park with her teenage boyfriend. What follows is a scandal.
    • Moods
      Episode 4

      Twinkle has something weighing on her mind. In fact, everyone seems to be in a bad mood at the moment, so Philippa attempts to cheer everyone up by breaking the routine. She makes lots of suggestions, most of which are turned down. Her final suggestion is a "Bring your mother to work" day, which the staff are not too impressed with.

    • Party
      Episode 5

      Everyone is looking forward to this year's Christmas party, which has a Japanese theme. Tony and Bren decide to go together, that is until Bren's mother suggests that she go with Bren, and she fixes Tony up on a hot date, her friend Tina.

    • Nightshift
      Episode 6
      While Tony is in hospital having treatment, the staff are forced to suffer his formidable replacement, Nicola Bodeux, who hasn't got any people skills. After a few days, she manages to anger each of the girls, forcing all, but Bren, to quit. Just then, they are hit with the news that the factory has to stay open during the night.moreless
  • Season 2