Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Unknown Dec 30, 1999 on BBC

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  • A bit too melodramatic

    This brilliant show was near perfection in the first series. In the second series, however, a story arc was introduced and the character of Bren became the center of the show. Before, Bren had been an observer, with a life of her own. If anything was weak in that first series, it was the (unrealistic) character of Petula, which took Bren out of the story. In this second series a charming side plot, the Tony-Bren love story takes up too much time, and - as things tend to go wrong - turns the sitcom in a drama. This particular episode brings a resolution to a mystery that has been building for some time, but ... it just isn't funny. Perhaps I find it difficult to see Victoria Wood upset so much of the time.