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  • An Awesome Show with an awesome cast

    All of the actors and actresses that were priviledge to be part of this played such perfect roles. It all gelled together perfectly and the comedy tied in with the drama of the canteen could not have been done any better than it already was. Even though there were only 2 series there are so many moments that can stick in the memories of the fans of this show. We share many a laugh at the mere rememberance of this show. There aren't any shows as perfect as this around anymore. you cant beat the good old british comedies at all.
  • Brilliant Television from the amazingly talented Victoria Wood

    With an all star cast Dinnerladies is very funny. A programme I can watch over and over again with out getting bored with it. The cast play the characters brilliantly making you feel a personal friend to each and every one of the ladies. With Dolly and Jean sniping at each other and the nice but dim Twinkle. You also start to feel for Tony played by Andrew Dunn who is the only man along with handy man Stan, Duncan Preston. Another welcoming appearence every so often is Bren, Victoria Woods mother Petula, who is played by the incredibly talented Julie Walters whose one liners are cracking.
  • One of the best ever British sitcoms that was unfortunately short-living.

    I really loved Dinnerladies, it was one of the best things I ever watched. I only discovered it about a year or two ago, as a repeat on UKTV Gold, but soon after watching it I was dying to get the box set and watch more. It's so different to the current comedies, with grotesque humour and constant swearing. Dinnerladies was charming and fun to watch, and picked me up on days when I wasn't feeling too well.
    As of today I have seen every single episode (which wasn't too hard, as there are only 16). One thing I do hope is that sooner or later, they hold a reunion episode or series, as I'm sure it would be much loved by many.
  • what a fantastic show!

    Dinnerladies is a fantastically funny show written by Victoria Wood. It follows the lives of the staff of a canteen in a factory.

    The main characters include Bren (Victoria Wood), Dolly (Thelma Barlow), Jean (Anne Reid), Twinkle (Maxine Peake), Anita (Shobna Gulati), Tony (Andrew Dunn) and Stan (Duncan Preston).

    The stories follow their everyday lives and include some unusual plots, such as the visit from the Royals, the film-crew for a documentry and the ever-eventful life of Bren's mother (played superbly by Julie Walters).

    It is an absolutley fabulous British comedy that is very under-rated. I would recommend it too anyone! Fantastic!!
  • A most wonderful show!

    This show was one of my fav's from the very first episode the interaction between the cast was first rate from dolly through Phillipa and even on to twinkle the writing is excellent and the pace is just so spot on to keep you wanting to watch again and again!

    It's one of the few shows that I can happily own the DVD and still watch the repeats when on TV

    It would be so good if they did a special with the cast going to Bren and Tony's B&B in Scotland for an Xmas edition it would be so good to catch up with them
  • what can i say just , what a great show.

    a brilliant show every second makes you laugh. victoria wood obviously has so much talent(wrote dinnerladies). This show is one of the best shows i have ever seen, all i want to know is why they stopped making it. this show never stopped being funny especially the royale episode because it just made me laugh and laugh and laugh, i liked the bit in it where the prince is asking about the shepard's pie and Twinkle's face is just blank and she can't say a word then Bren butts in and tells him that it's shepard's pie and the prince says not made with really shepards i hope and then bren does that hilarious laugh, that had me laughing for ages, well writting it now is making me laugh.
  • Everyday subject turned into comic gold!

    A bunch of women working in a canteen and moaning about life? How boring. Add to that Victoria Wood's unique style and you have one of the funniest shows ever to appear on our screens.

    Most writers who star in their own shows would be tempted to hog all the best lines, but Victoria Wood is generous. Everyone gets a fair share of the laughs.

    Anyone who watches this and not laugh must have had their sense of humour surgically-removed.
  • An utter delight, a masterpiece from the master. Er, mistress.

    Victoria Wood is a hoot as Bren but really shines with the typewriter.

    Forget the situation, it\'s bland, i guess it\'s supposed to be. Anything else would get in the way of the real important stuff. Which is without doubt some of the best dialoge to be found in any TV program, comic or serious, ever.

    I think the real elegance is, with the possible exception of Petula, these characters are not the bold charicature that most sit-com relies upon, but very real, any one of these converations could have been overheard in any factory canteen kitchen or, really, anywhere, any time.

    And if you think Petula is too bizarre, that no such person ever existed, well, I would too - until last week in our local Waitrose... it was *her*, I swear to god!!!

    My thanks and respect to VW (and the cast and crew) for creating an utter gem, which, thanks to almost perpetual re-runs on UK Gold, I can always rely on to cheer me up. And if UKG ever stop running it, I\'ll have to buy the DVDs.

    And if you\'re ever bored, Victoria, I\'d love to find out what happens to Bren and Tony one day... And Anita. And... :-)