Season 1 Episode 13

One to Lead Us (2)

Aired Unknown Dec 24, 1988 on

Episode Recap

Picking up where we left off, Icon demands an explanation from Questar, who's too amazed to say a word. The other Dino-Riders can't make sense of the news — they know Questar would never join the Rulons, but his reluctance to use the particle beam cannon now looks suspicious. Mind-Zei suggests they quickly solve the problem by putting Questar on Trial by the Path, but Questar refuses to open his mind to the entire community. The shocked Dino-Riders watch in confusion as Questar voluntarily steps down as leader. While Serena, Yungstar, and Llahd try to figure out this new development, Questar confesses to Mind-Zei that he doesn't want to make the whole camp vulnerable to attack during the strenuous and sensitive ritual. He then goes off on his own to avoid dividing his people, leaving Mind-Zei, Gunner, and Icon in charge until he can clear his name another way.

Krulos is thrilled by this turn of events. The device his minion planted in the previous episode has effectively weakened his enemy — not even the threat of the Brontosaurus fazes him now. In the next Rulon offensive, the Dino-Riders are so confused by the conflicting orders from their three leaders that they are unable to stop Krulos from brain boxing the Brontosaurus. To make things worse, Icon, Serena, and Turret are run out of the command center before they can reach the S.T.E.P. crystal. Krulos has finally won the day and takes most of the Dino-Riders and their mounts as his prisoners.

Icon, Serena, and Turret find Vector and manage to escape on some of their dinosaurs. But Rasp follows and shoots Turret off his mount, causing Serena to jump down to heal him. The triumphant viper then corners the pair and is about to blast them when Questar, Yungstar, and Llahd arrive and send the Rulons running off to warn Krulos. Apparently, Questar circled back when he heard the battle going badly and saved the other two from capture. Assured that they're all safe, an uncomfortable Questar is about to walk away when everyone pledges their trust and friendship to their leader and begs him to stay. This moves him a great deal and prompts him to take charge in rounding up the escapees before planning their next move.

Gunner and the commandos are the only ones who avoided capture, and with their help the small band builds a trap for the Brontosaurus and frees the other Dino-Riders and dinosaurs. Krulos lets them escape with the intention of following them and destroying them all before he finally returns to the future. The Dino-Riders are completely surprised when the cannon destroys the trap and creates a firewall that cuts them off from the jungle. But the overzealous Krulos is overloading the cannon's new power source, and the Dino-Riders' continuous laser fire is shorting out the command center. All the Rulons evacuate except Krulos, who is shortly goaded into hand-to-hand combat by a vengeful Questar. Questar eventually cracks his arch-enemy's exo-suit and is about to finish him off when his own better ideals and morals compel him to chose mercy. Krulos is taken away by the Rulons while a serene Questar leads his people home through the smoky jungle. Things are just settling down in the valley when Icon finds the Rulon device that implicated their leader. The honor of destroying it goes to Questar, who vows before a cheering crowd that Krulos will never divide them again!
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