Season 1 Episode 2

Revenge of the Rulons

Aired Unknown Oct 08, 1988 on

Episode Recap

While racing each other in the jungle, Yungstar and Serena stumble across a Stegosaurus doing battle with Krulos's runaway T-Rex. They help the injured dinosaur escape just as Krulos spots his pet and orders Krok and Skate to recapture him. Meanwhile, Questar is surveying the camp with Tark as Astra nearly gets run over by a Protoceratops, Llahd shows off his new Pachycephalosaurus, and Gunner and Tagg demonstrate the Dimetrodon's stealth attack. Yungstar and Serena return with the Stegosaurus just as an earthquake starts.

With the ship in ruins, the defenses obliterated, and the dinosaurs all running loose, Vector assesses that the camp will take weeks to repair. Gunner, Tagg, and Llahd go to round up some of the dinosaurs before they can be brain boxed. Questar then sends Yungstar, Serena, and Tark to the volcanoes to harness a new power source for the damaged S.T.E.P. As luck would have it, Llahd gets captured by Rasp and is held as a bargaining chip for the S.T.E.P. crystal.

Icon correctly predicts that Krulos won't wait for Questar's response to his ultimatum; the two devise a two-step plan. Operation Stealth, led by Yungstar, successfully uses the Dimetrodons to sneak behind Rulon lines and rescue Llahd. Project Landslide involves luring the Rulons to a certain spot in the canyon so they can be barricaded from the valley. Questar and Tark guide the newly outfitted Stegosaurus in his battle against Krulos's recaptured T-Rex until the landslide can be started. In the end, everyone is safe and the Dino-Riders praise their newest dinosaur warrior for his part in the victory.
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