Season 1 Episode 2

Revenge of the Rulons

Aired Unknown Oct 08, 1988 on



  • Trivia

    • The key to the Dimetrodon's stealth attack is that the rider sits on one side of its fin and is completely hidden. The only problem is that the animators can't decide what side of the fin the rider is sitting on. The various times we see this dinosaur throughout the episode, the riders keep changing sides.

    • The armor for the Stegosaurus gets built awfully fast - by all indications, this episode takes place over the course of only one or two days.

  • Quotes

    • Yungstar: Well, there are advantages to having a dinosaur shortage.
      Serena: Oh, and what's that?
      Yungstar: It's a great opportunity to get closer.
      Serena: Just take us home, Dino-Rider.

    • Gunner: Suppose you tell me what it is.
      Yungstar: It's a Stegosaurus.
      Gunner: Well, it looks like an overgrown porcupine to me.

    • Llahd: Yungstar, look. Everything's destroyed.
      Yungstar: Not our spirit.

  • Notes

    • This episode was also released on video (as "The Adventure Continues") and has the same high quality animation as the pilot. Several shots from "The Adventure Begins" are reused in this episode.

    • New good guys Icon, Tagg, Astra, Vector, and Tark are introduced. All but Tark will go on to play important roles in the series. The poor guy gets a great showcase though before he virtually disappears.

    • Krok and Skate are introduced as well, and both seem to be the only ones of their kind on the Dreadlock.

    • The necklaces that the Dino-Riders wear are called amps, most likely because they amplify their natural telepathic abilities so communication over great distances requires less effort.

    • The T-Rex is still wearing his armor from the pilot — a nice bit of continuity since only the brain box came off in that battle.

    • The scene where Serena, Yungstar, and Tark come across some large footprints (which comes right after Yungstar's attempt to flirt with Serena) is the first indication of the Brontosaurus's presence. He won't be seen until "Battle for the Brontosaurus."

  • Allusions

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