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  • A very short lived cartoon that any kid could ask for!

    Dino-Riders was a cartoon in the eighties that lasted only fourteen episodes. Unclear why however, with dinosaurs and lasers and spaceships, what else could a kid ask for? This show seems like it was cut in its prime. I did happen to find out that the reason behind this show was to promote a new line of toys. Well toys or no toys this show seems to have followers even today, so the main problem I have is that fact it is so short. the fourteen episodes were very good and I would have loved to see more. well maybe they'll make a movie or something but until then I am glad to have the episodes to watch again and again!
  • This short-lived 80's cartoon combines two critical ideas that every kid loves: dinosaurs and outer space. Time travellers from the future have crash landed onto Prehistoric Earth and are waging war by mounting their weapons and armor on dinosaurs.

    I love this cartoon. Yes, I am fully aware of how cheesy it is and how dismal the animation and dialogue can be in certain episodes. But this has to rank as one of my all-time favorite cartoons.

    As a child, my mother would tape cartoons for us while we were in school. Often she'd watch the shows in order to get rid of the commercials so that we wouldn't have to mess with the remote or the VCR too much (my mom rocks). This cartoon lasted for 14 episodes; my mom taped 12, so we had virtually all of them pretty much in order. I found the other two episodes online a few years ago. And I still watch the whole series at least once a year.

    It's so much fun. We have overdramatic bad guys and righteously noble good guys shooting laserfire at each other while riding armored dinosaurs. The characters are types, but they are well-defined and amusing types. You learn lessons every episode, which all good cartoons manage to a certain degree. Good always manages to triumph over evil. Things get blown up pretty much in every episode. And the cheese factor is part of the fun!

    There may be better cartoons out there, but few hold as special a place in my heart as Dino-Riders. It's a part of my childhood that I haven't let go of and most likely never will.
  • Humans living in peace and working together with Dinosaurs while the alien creatures who controlled them did not. It also had like laser guns and such.

    I don\'t remember much about it, but I know I loved it. My brother and I watched it all the time. We had the tape and we watched it so much. I guess we lost the tape or it got damaged because I\'ve been looking for it around the house forever. I guess someone threw it away. Sad really. I used to love that movie.