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  • A group of anthro/alien dinosaurs come to Earth and aid in protecting it

    It is an overall interesting concept if you are interested in dinosaurs, superhero teams, and out space stuff. Still this show does have its faults such as being cheesy, half baked plots, and under developed characters. Still this is a decent enough show about a group of teens who met and befriend a group of dinosaurs from another planet who need to stop another group of rogue dinosaurs with villainous plans. Some episodes are better than others.
  • Classic

    Although old, this cartoon reminds me of the good old days when cartooning was decent and full of quality. Too bad todays animated shows cant achive the same like this show. Thats all I can say.
  • Really just a rehashed transformers.

    Yes it has been said, but still this show was entertaining in its day. I mean we've all heard the story of the "good guys" teaming up with the humans against the "bad guys", but as a kid I still wish I was one of those chosen to assist in the war. Sure it was comical in ways and unoriginal, but it was a winning marketing strategy.

    In this shows defense, transformers later did Beast Wars where they themselves became animals on another planet. So maybe that was just an homage to Dinosaucers, but at least they can say that Beast Wars wasn't completely original.
  • THIS IS the pits! You couldn’t pay me enough to watch this!!! These Ratings should come in negative numbers! I rate this show negative infinity!

    Our local TV channel decided to go retro on me one Friday afternoon at 5:30 PM after school and I was struck by how utterly ridiculous this cartoon was …I can’t even call it a cartoon. This was nonsense drivel and whoever came up with this should be ARRESTED! And Charged with Public Endangerment!!! I WOULD Testify!!!

    The concept of dinosaurs / aliens coming to earth to try to rule/save it – is COMPLETELY preposterous! I don’t even know where to begin!!

    HOW On EARTH could anyone conceive of just such GARBAGE! The only episode I watched much to my chagrin featured a dinosaur 10 TIMES an ordinary human height, weight and overall size “Sneaking” about in a Trench coat TRYING to fit in!!!

    I am astounded at the level of stupidity in our society…was the 80’s really that bad??!

    Stick with the 2000’s!! Don’t GO back to the 1980’s!!! Don’t waste YOUR precious time on this one!!!
  • transformers in dinosaur form

    this was not a particularlly bad show, but it was not that good either. i remember watching it a few times and thinking it was a lot like transformers. the good guys vs the bad guys. the animation was good for the times, but the stories were just a little hokie.
  • This was the show to watch back in the 1980s when I was growing up. It was about alien dinosaurs that came to earth to defend it.

    This is truley an amazing show. It really is a classic. What's not to love? It's got dinosaurs. They came from another planet to ward off their enemies. They can be either full fledge dinosaurs or Dinosaurcers by hitting the button on their uniforms. They had it all. The best.