Dinosaur King

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Dinosaur King

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Upon discovering ancient stones with dinosaur images imprinted on them, a 12-year-old boy named Max Taylor and his friends Zoe Drake and Rex Owen discover they are able to call forth dinosaur companions. These companions will aid the owners in stopping the nasty Alpha Gang from coming into poccession of the mysterious stones and crush their chances at world domination. 4Kids TV Broadcast History September 8, 2007 - Present: Saturday @ 10:30 AM November 24, 2007 - Present: Saturday @ 11:00 AM Theme Song Lyrics Dinosaur King is what you wanna be-a (Make your move, come on, make your move!) Dinosaur King is your destiny-a (Make your move, come on, make your move!) Controlling the cards right in your hands, Jurassic giants at your command! D-D-D-D-Team! Watch out, here we go, Prehistoric dinosaurs, Aren't extinct anymore See 'em fight, hear 'em roar, Watch out 'cuz they're right next door! The past is in the present, Time's been twisted upsidedown, These fossils are colossal, Only one will wear the crown! Dinosaur King is what you wanna be-a (Make your move, come on, make your move!) Dinosaur King is your destiny-a (Make your move, come on, make your move!)moreless

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Season 2 : Episode 150

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  • I like it when i was a kid...

    If they still continued they still could it do more good program.

    In Japan they have a machine game that you do a battle dinosaurs but this 2012 it finished making it.
  • Haven;t we had enough anime like this?

    So I was hearing about it,looked like Fighting Foodons with Dinosaurs,watched it,it was Fighting Foodons with Dinosaurs.I'm really tired of all these Pokemon/Yugioh knock offs,that kind of anime has already become overused already,why can't we make more truly original anime like FullMetal Alchemist,Bleach,Naruto or Case Closed? 4kids kept some of the original stuff at least but that still doesn't spice it up for me. Again,it's just another "Been there,done that" Poke'mon clone. Even if 4kids made a good dub,I will not watch anymore of this for I ould not want to stick around and watch 4kids figure out a way to ruin it.moreless
  • Pokemon with Dinosaurs

    Sorry to say it but Dinosaur King is pretty much Pokemon and Digimon's love child.The main characters sound exactly like Ash and Team Rocket.Same sort of humor as pokemon.It's just anther stereotypical shounen anime.Bad humor,bland character,fighting creatures and card games.

    All of the shounen anime that get's put on children's channels in the US are the same.Why can't we get more creative ones on our children's channles like Kateky Hitman Reborn?I'm tired of these pokemon clones we keep getting.moreless
  • At first, I didn't think it would be very good. I saw the first episode and thought it was surprisingly good. I kept watching it and now I love!

    At first, I saw the previews and thought this show wasn't going to be very good. I thought I'd see the first episode, to see how good it really was. The first episode wasn't as bad as I though it was. So, I watched the second, thought it was better and so I watched the third, fouth, ect. Now I think it's a really good show. I enjoy it, because we spend about a equil amount of time on the good and bad guys (though I think the D-Team should have a little more). It makes you get to know both sides of the story. I knew from the first episode that most of the voices were from Pokemon, but the fact is, they fit the characters. The fight scences are really good and so are the dinosaurs. I could see this show going for a long time.moreless

    really, if i was the creator of this mediocre show i will feel tottali ashamed, i mean, it's a cheap pokemon, digimon, yu gi-oh extract, the characters are copies of pokemon characters, the cards thingy it's stolen from yu gi-oh, and max looks exactly like tai from digimon, 3D dinosaurs over a 2D background?...pathetic dinosaur king? stupid title, and the idea of dinosaurs in cards, and use dinosaurs to battle is stupid too, the alpha gang it's an slacker clone of the rocket team, really, why animators don't use more creative ideas?, i think this show was made just to earn mone and not cause the like to make it.moreless

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