Dinosaur King

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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Time Napped
      Episode 150
      Max's house vanishes with everyone's parents inside. The D-team and the Alpha Gang unite and travel through time to try to rescue them!
    • Full Scheme Ahead
      Episode 146
      As the D-Team pieces together the broken android, Jonathan, they begin also to piece together the strange puzzle of the Alpha Gang and its origins. Noting that both the android and Alpha's base are built on technology far beyond that of the present, they begin to suspect that these visitors may in fact have come from the future. Meanwhile, Dr. Z learns of Seth's plans to betray him, and pits his top dinosaurs against one of Seth's mutant specimens, only to be defeated with a single attack.moreless
    • A Kyoto Caper
      A Kyoto Caper
      Episode 144
      The D-Team, along with Max and Rex's fathers, head to Kyoto, supposedly in search of a Fukuisaurus that has just appeared. However, their fathers' attentions are instead quickly drawn to the beautiful geisha who roam the city's streets. These stories intertwine as they learn that the dinosaur, perhaps an ancient ancestor of modern birds who gather shiny objects to their nests, has been pilfering shiny trinkets from the city's geisha. Max, Rex, and Zoe race to capture the dinosaur, even as the Alpha Gang arrives to beat them to it. Meanwhile, the boys' fathers hunt for the dinosaur's nest, and its trove of stolen trinkets, in hopes of winning the attention of a geisha or two.moreless
    • Vaccination Vacation
      With dinosaur influenza raging through Alpha Gang's ranks, Dr. Z uses their teleportation device to beam in a top-notch dinosaur veterinarian. An unfortunate misreading of the yellow pages, however, leads Ursula to mistake Zoe's father for a preeminent reptilian vet. Unable to get a call through to Zoe, Max and Rex stop by her home, only to find the entire house along with its residents gone. When their Dino holders detect Paris on Alpha's hidden island, they teleport in to rescue their friend. Zoe's father, however, an accomplished doctor, refuses to leave the island before treating his dinosaur patients. As he gives chase to an ailing Tyrannosaurus, Max and Rex work to lower the force field trapping them on the island.moreless
    • Lights, Camera, Destruction!
      Dr. Owen is called in as an expert adviser for a Hollywood dinosaur blockbuster and he soon finds himself at odds with the director, who is aiming more for dazzle than realism. Even Dr. Owen's most lifelike creations, however, cannot compare to the real live dinosaur that soon appears on the same production lot. As the dinosaur throws more and more films into confusion with each appearance, Rod and Laura from The Alpha Gang arrive and pit their robotic nursemaid against the creature.moreless
    • Beast or Famine
      Beast or Famine
      Episode 139
      In a rare moment of peace, the D-Team head to Chinatown to check out a celebrated touring chef. But sure enough, before they have even had a chance to order, their plans are cut short by a Mapusaurus appearance. Rod and Laura, under the watchful eyes of Helga, show up soon thereafter and join in the chase. As Helga and the touring chef begin a heated cooking competition, Max and Chomp begin a desperate battle to defeat the Mapusaurus in time to catch the meal they'd been looking forward to.moreless
    • Dueling Dinos
      Dueling Dinos
      Episode 137
      A dinosaur appearance brings the D-Team to Oklahoma at the height of rodeo season. With Ursula and her underlings stuck caring for an ailing Dr. Z., Rod and Laura head to Oklahoma in their place. After goading Max into entering a local rodeo, the duo lays plans to claim the Saurophaganax that first brought them all here. Chomp fights a brave battle against the dinosaur, but only to have Rod and Laura step in and capture it as soon as both battling dinosaurs have exhausted their strength.moreless
    • Metal Imbalance
      Episode 136
      Ursula and her team head to an abandoned iron mill in Japan to collect Alpha Metal for reconstructing their island base. As fate would have it, the D-Team are also touring the same area on a school field trip. To further complicate the situation, a Velociraptor specially enhanced by Dr. Z appears and begins wreaking havoc in the area. Max and Chomp face off against it, but the enhanced dinosaur is too much for Chomp. Seth makes off with the Alpha Metal as the D-Team struggles to fend off the Alpha Gang and their dinosaurs.moreless
    • Ruff and Ready
      Episode 135
      Decrying them as useless lapdogs, Dr. Z literally sends Ursula and her team to the doghouse. As they begin to get comfortable in their cramped canine quarters, they realize even this is too good to be true. The doghouses blast off to Australia where Z anticipates a new dinosaur appearance. When an Iguanodon actually does appear near Ayer's Rock, the D-Team race to intercept it, but find Ursula has beaten them to it. In an uncharacteristic display of compassion, Ursula, humbled by Z's subhuman treatment prepares to release the Iguanodon into the wild, but little does she know Seth is hot on her heels and determined not to let this dinosaur escape him.moreless
    • Ninja Nightmare
      Ninja Nightmare
      Episode 134
      Reports of a large fossil discovery turn out to be unfounded, but nearby, Max spots a historic Ninja Village and begs the rest of the gang to join him in a contest of ninja ability. Max had already been off to a headstrong start, but after winning the ninja prize, he is convinced he can do no wrong. When a team of three Deinonychus appear, Max rushes to face off against them on his own. Little does he realize his skills are about to be put to the real test: Dr. Z has specially trained this dinosaur trio, imbuing them with ninja talents of their own.moreless
    • Falls Alarm!
      Falls Alarm!
      Episode 132
      As Rex struggles to help his Carnotaurus overcome its fear of water, the D-Team gets word of a dinosaur appearance at Niagara Falls. They reach the falls only to find the Alpha Gang already hot on the trail of this latest dinosaur, a Baryonyx. With Ace overwhelmed by the majestic falls, Rex is forced to stay on land with him while Max and Zoe board a pleasure cruise looking for the Baryonyx. When the Alpha Gang brings their dinosaur troops ashore, however, Rex must convince Ace to face his fears and confront them high atop the famous waterfall.moreless
    • Temple Tempest
      Temple Tempest
      Episode 131
      Despite a warning that any entrance will anger the native gods, Team Alpha ventures into an underground temple in search of the Alpha Metal they need to repair their malfunctioning fortress. They unwittingly awaken the Pawpawsaurus that guards the holy site, but when Max and friends arrive, this dinosaur turns on them, blocking any attack they launch against Team Alpha's dinosaur sidekicks. Their only hope is to win the dinosaur's trust before the entire temple comes crashing down on their heads.moreless
    • Dinosaur Amour
      Episode 130
      On assignment in Mexico, Reese loses her cell phone and glasses minutes before her driver points out a lone traveler lying by the roadside. The traveler regains consciousness and is immediately taken by Reese's beauty. Whether due to Nightingale syndrome or simply impaired vision, Reese is charmed by his confession of love and, more importantly, fails to recognize him as Zander from the Alpha Gang. Meanwhile, the D-Team tries in vain to notify Reese of a new dinosaur appearance, not knowing that her cell phone is lost. Their desperate message reaches her only as Zander's comrades close in on her camp.moreless
    • Rhino or Dino?
      Episode 129
      A dinosaur appearance calls the D-Team to Kenya, where they meet an acquaintance of Dr. Taylor's who is working to stop a team of big game poachers. Unfortunately, the Alpha Gang and these poachers had already met and decided to pool their criminal skills. With the help of Ursula's T-Rex, the team quickly rounds up countless rare African animals, while continuing their search for the latest dinosaur. When Max and friends try to put an end to this new poaching alliance, however, the leader of the poachers gets a more ambitious idea: to capture Chomp for sale on the black market!moreless
    • Carnival of Chaos
      Carnival of Chaos
      Episode 127
      With funds running dangerously low, the Alpha Gang decides to use their dinosaur army to raise capital for continuing operations. Reinventing a defunct amusement park, they open an all-new dinosaur-themed attraction, which draws record crowds. But little do their customers realize, the realistic dinosaurs that wander the park are in fact not imitations at all. Meanwhile, the D-Team arrives to check out this new dinosaur attraction, just as Alpha begins to lose control of their free-roaming dinosaurs.moreless
    • Fate of the Cosmos
      Episode 30
      This is it, the final battle. The D-Team and the Alpha Gang have the final showdown with the Spectral Pirates and the black Pterosaur as they enter the darkness to save the D-Team's parents including saving Time and Space from being destroyed.
    • 4/3/10
      Seth has took the Cosmos Stones and the D-Team and the Alpha Gang are trying to get back the stones. But back in the present period, Spectre took all seven of the Cosmos Stones and have them put together to form a black Pterosaur that begins it's chaos.
    • The D-Team battle the leader of the Spectral Pirates, Spectre as he unleashes his dinosaur, Apatosaurus and attacks the D-Team's dinosaurs with incredible strength. During the battle, a woolly mammoth swallow the black Cosmos Stone and with the volcano out of control, the D-Team must retreat. The D-Team and Alpha Gang to the time where a young Max and Dr. Taylor discover the mammoth fossil but are drove off by an earthquake that Jonathan created with the time machine. The D-Team and Alpha Gang apporch the mammoth to get the black Cosmos Stone, but are attack by the Spectral Pirates.moreless
    • 3/27/10
      The D-Team arrive back to their own time period only to find that plants and bugs have mutated. Ed explains that it is due to the fire they left behind in the Jurassic period of how it all change. The D-Team must race to the D-Lab to rescue Reese and the others, and go back the Jurassic period to fix the mess.moreless
    • Bad Deal
      Episode 26
      The D-Team and the Alpha Gang manage to escape the Spectral Pirates with the green Cosmos Stone. The D-Team are thinking of trading one of the Cosmos Stones for them to get their parents back. When they connect Spectre and demand to trade one of the Cosmos Stones for their parents, it didn't go well. They arrive at the Jurassic time period and are greeted by Seth. Seth took the Cosmos Stones and Gavro appears and battles Max and Rex which cause a wildfire that burns the forest. The D-Team took off and so do the Spectral Pirates. Meanwhile in the present, plants begin to grow out of control and bugs mutated. Reese makes contact to the D-Team of what's happening.moreless
    • The Haunted Hunt
      Episode 25
      The D-Team, the Alpha Gang, and the young Musketeers arrive at the haunted Vasasi Castle. Once there, they get attack by the space pirates. Zoe with the young Musketers go search for the Cosmos Stone unaware that Sheer is following them. Once they found the green Cosmos Stone, Sheer appears and Zoe must battle Sheer on her own.moreless
    • All For One
      Episode 24
      The D-Team with the Musketeers, Lady Constance, and Princess Anne head out to Vasasi Castle to find the Blue Eye of Gaia. There, they get corned by Cardinal Richelieu and the Queen's guards. Princess Anne request to speak with Cardinal Richelieu only to take the musketeers prisoners. The D-Team and Alpha Gang rescue the musketeers and head to Vasasi Castle.moreless
    • The Wee Musketeers
      Episode 23
      The D-Team with Lady Constance and the orphans go to warn King Louie and Princess Anna about Cardinal Richelieu's destration to the school and searching for the Blue Eye of Gaia. King Louie and Princess Anna were at Duke Dumas' Chateau to show them his collection including a blue ord that maybe the cosmos stone. Cardinal Richelieu with Gavro attack the Chateau where the D-Team arrive and must stop them.moreless
    • 3/13/10
      The D-Team arrive in France 1615. King Louie and Princess Anne leave to visit a friend's museum while Sheer meets King Louie's mom and decided to help find the Blue Eye of Gaia which is a cosmos stone. The D-Team meet Lady Constance who runs a school and there they meet a young boy named D'Artagnan. Sheer with Cardinal Richelieu and the Queen's guards arrive at the school to tear it down. The D-Team must than try to stop them.moreless
    • 3/6/10
      Sheer takes control of Genie and had it attack the D-Team. While the D-team are battling, Sheer kidnaps Zara and tells her where the Red Cosmos Stone is. Aladin than came to save Zara from Sheer. The D-Team had no choice but to defeat Genie. Once Genie turned back to a card, the Red Cosmos Stone appear. Sheer tried to get it, but Helga took it. Once the Forty Thieves get sent to jail, the D-Team wish Zara and Aladin the best of luck together as they leave the time period.moreless
    • 3/6/10
      The D-Team with Zara arrive at the city only to find out that the city is ruled by Rasheed. The D-Team meet a street dealer named Aladin who will help them get into the castle. Suddenly they get attack by the 39 Thieves.
    • Desert Heat
      Episode 19
      As the D-Team with Pricess Zara and Genie travel through the desert, they get attack by the 40 Thieves and forced the Alpha Gang to attack them. They get defeated and treated. While the D-Team rest at the oasis, the 40 Thieves and the Alpha Gang attack the city and capture Zara's father, the Sultan.moreless
    • The 39 Thieves
      Episode 18
      The D-Team end up in Ancient Persia and they find out that the next Cosmos Stone is in a cave which turns out to be the hideaway for the 40 Thieves. When they enter the cave, they meet a princess named Zara and her Isisaurus friend which she thinks is a genie. Gavro then appears and battle the D-Team.moreless
    • The D-Team find Tokugawa as they are in the middle of the war. Gavro and Foolscap appear and battle the D-Team. While the fight is out of control the female ninjas manege to take the Cosmos Stone and gave it to their emperor, but when he touch the Cosmos Stone with his bare hands, a terribly happen to him as he got paralyzed. Sheer takes the Cosmos Stone as she heads back to Gavro and Foolscap. Foolscap even took Zoe's father back to the ship. And so The D-Team say farwell to Tokugawa as they left the time period.moreless
    • The D-Team with Tokugawa travel the underground cave and keep getting lost. The Alpha Gang get chase by a bear until cave-in collapse on Zoe, Tokugawa, and a bear cub. The D-Team including the Alpha Gang dug them out and Ace managed to find the fourth Cosmos Stone. Gavro appears and had a battle with Rex and Ace. Tokugawa took the Cosmos Stone and ran off with Gavro chasing him.moreless
    • The No-Fun Shogun
      Episode 15

      The D-Team go and search for a jewel called the Yamata no Orochi with Tokugawa, believing it may be a Cosmos Stone. While they hunt for the jewel, Tokugawa annoys the children and Zoe is confused by his similarity to her father. Elsewhere, Tokugawa's staff force Zoe's real father to pretend to be Tokugawa until they track him down. Foolscap attacks the D-Team. Tokugawa thinks the jewel could be behind the waterfall.

    • 2/13/10
      The D-Team Arrive at the Warring States period and so did the space pirates. The D-Team encounter Ieyasu Tokugawa who he resembles Zoe's father. Meanwhile, Zoe's father accidentally escapes the pirates' ship and landed on the ground where Tokugawa's men mistook him the real Ieyasu Tokugawa. The D-Team were than attack by Sheer and some female ninjas.moreless
    • 2/6/10
      Gensho Sanzo Hoshi gets kidnap by Gavro. Gavro tells Gensho Sanzo Hoshi to move the boulder and so Gensho Sanzo Hoshi use his chant to move the boulder. The D-Team arrive to battle Gavro, Sheer, and Foolscap. Zoey was about to get the Third Cosmos Stone, but Foolscap took it. The D-Team say farwell to Gensho Sanzo Hoshi as the leave the time period.moreless
    • Monk in the Middle
      Episode 12
      Gavro captures Dr. Z because he thought Dr. Z was the real Gensho Sanzo Hoshi. When Garvo found out that Dr. Z is a fake, Gavro went to find the real Gensho Sanzo Hoshi. When the D-Team went to the village where they found the Alpha Gang found out that Dr. Z got capture, the D-Team head out and got attack by Gavro. While battling with Gavro, Gensho Sanzo Hoshi goes missing.moreless
    • 12/12/09
      Sheer comes to capture Gensho Sanzo Hoshi, but release a live volcano when she modifies her Mapusaurus with Heat Eruption. The D-team combine their dinosaurs elements to calm the valcano. Meanwhile, the Alpha Gang arrive at a village in the middle of it's drought with Ursula posing as Gensho Sanzo Hoshi in a plot to bring water to the village.moreless
    • Four Part Harmony
      Episode 10
      The D-Team arrive at Ancient China where Foolscap is searching for Monk Gensho Sanzo Hoshi who can move a big boulder that is blocking the third Cosmos Stone. The D-team with Gensho Sanzo Hoshi head to the boulder.
    • 11/28/09
      The D-Team fight Sheer and the pirates on the island to retrive the second Cosmos Stone.
    • High Sea Chase
      Episode 8
      The D-Team continues to fight for the treasure map that leads to the Cosmos Stone.
    • 11/14/09
      In their search for the second Cosmos Stone, Max and Jim keep arguing over certain things and Zoe keeps trying to quiet them down. The D-Team and Jim get on a boat with Dr. Z as captain to search for the island the Cosmos Stone. But if they want to obtain the treasure map again, the D-Team must fight against Blackbeard's Pirates.moreless
    • 11/7/09
      Looking for the second Cosmos Stone, the D-Team finds themselves in the year 1718 in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. They meet a young boy named Jim, who falls in love with Zoe right away. Unfortunately, the team must deal with Blackbeard the pirate and the Space Pirates in order to save Jim's village and get the Cosmos Stone.moreless
    • 10/31/09
      When Spartacus battles in Rome's ancient coliseum, the D-Team steps in an accidentally plays a part in history when Sheer targets the Cosmos Stone that he now has.
    • 10/24/09
      Spartacus ia about to battle Terry at the Coliseum in Rome. Since Ursula, Zander, and Ed are stuck in prison, and Dr. Z is at the Time Machine, The D-Team and Sophia must free them and give their Alphascanners back so the Alpha Gang can get Terry back into his Card.moreless
    • The D-Team offers to help Sophia deliver the Yellow Cosmos Stone to Spartacus. They meet the ancient gladiator Spartacus and learn that he possesses the Yellow Cosmos Stone. Meanwhile, Ursula, Zander, and Ed are hungry for pizza. So they try to get a ride from Terry to get to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but the Ancient Roman army spots him and captures the Alpha Gang.moreless
    • 10/10/09
      The D-Team and the Alpha Gang follow a Pterosaur to Ancient Rome. Max, Rex, and Zoe get off of Zeta Point and befriend an ancient Roman girl named Sophia and she tells them how her brother Spartacus was kidnapped by the Roman Army.
    • Alien Parent Trap (1)
      Max, Rex, and Zoe's parents are having tea inside Max's house, when suddenly it disappears WITH everyone's parents inside. The D-Team shows Dr. Owen and Reece what happened, so they go up to Zeta Point and team up with Dr. Z, Ursula, Zander, Ed, and Helga to travel through time and rescue their parents.moreless
  • Season 1