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    My episode would be:


    The Alphascanner detects "The Golden Dinosaur" in Moscow, Russia, and an alibi to get it, Dr. Z sends Ursula skydiving down to Max's house to babysit him when he hears that Max's mom is going out, While, Zander and Ed travel to Russia. Meanwhile, Max, Zoe, and Rex decide to have a sleepover at Max's, and realizes Ursula came to babysit them, and the Dino-Holder detects the Golden Dinosaur and everytime they travel to Russia, Ursula uses a helicopter to take them back home, but when it looks like all is lost they are transported to Russia, again and The Alpha Gang and the D-Team work with their own army.



    Ursula: Hello, everyone, I'm Ursula!

    Zoe: Psst! Max, it's the old lady!

    Ursula: I heard that!

    Max's Mom: Now, especially Rex and Zoe, behave yourself while I'm gone. Bye!

    Ursula: (whispering) Hello, Dr. Z.

    Dr. Z: Ursula, have you locked them in their room yet?

    Ursula: No!


    Reece: No way!

    Max: Yes, Reece. Zoe, Rex and I are being babysat by a member of the Alpha Gang

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    Dinosaur King meets Pokemon


    A pokemon champion in the Shinnoh region in the pokemon world uses Palkia in an experiment, but it goes wrong and all of the pokemon that he captured(all the legendary pokemon and only them) are transported to the Dinosaur king universe. The trainer is seperated from his legendaries in California. Dailga is the first to come out of his pokeball in Japan searching for his beloved trainer, Both the D-team and the Alpha-team's dinoholders detect its energy, but neither of the teams have ever seen a "dinosaur" like that and neither Max's dad nor Dr. Z knows what it is, but Dr. Z wants it becuase its an entirely new "Dinosaur". At first the Alpha tries to catch it, but Dialga defeats all their dinosaurs with a single attack(Roar of Time), the D-team tries also, but their dinosaurs are also defeated and Dailga continues to search for his trainer while both teams follow it. Meanwhile in California, the trainer manages to locate his masterball containing Rayquaza and uses it to fly across the landscape using his pokemon locator to locate the rest of his pokemon. However, when Rayquaza came out the Dinoholders detected it as well, meaning that there are two of these "strange Dinosaurs" roaming the earth at once. The teams try to capture Dailga in the meantime, but each time, every attempt fails, and for some reason, it won't turn into a card. Dailga finally gets tired of both teams bothering him and uses Roar of Time on both teams sending them flying back to their home bases(the alpha-tam back to their island, while the D-team gets sent Reece's lab), while safely landing. The Trainer's pokemon locator detect's Dailga's Roar of Time in Japan and Rayquaza flies there while the Trainer calls out its name, Dailga hearing his Trainer's voice goes to his trainer, who puts Dailga in his masterball while flying off to find the rest of his pokemon. The Teams however notice the trainer on the back of Rayquaza, who to them is obiviously not a dinosaur. The Alpha-tam then goes after and tries to catch Rayquaza, but their dinosaurs are defeated again, and they are again sent flying into the sky. The D-team arrives and they are defeated again. Dailga then comes out of his Masterball, and tells the trainer these were the some of the people that chased it. Rayquaza then wraps itself around the D-team, while the trainer asks in dangerously clam voice"Who are you?" The D-team explains to him that they were trying to catch the dinosaur which the trainer askes what are dinosaurs. The two sides take turns explaining where they are from and what dinosaurs and Pokemon are, while the Alpha gang is listening in. The trainer introduces himself as James(who by now Zoe has noticed he is very cute). They then join together to locate the rest of his Pokemon before the Alpha-team do.


    The trainer is the same one from my pokemoniamond game!


    Max: Where's the dinosaur?

    Rex: Reece said that it was an energy never detecred before.

    (Dailga then comes around the comer)



    Zoe: Its so preatty!(stars in her eyes)Look at the giant diamond on its chest!



    Computer: WARNING! Unknown Dinosaur.

    Dr. Z: New dinosaur...? Call those nitwits in here!

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    Max: Reece is there a dinosaur yet?
    Reece: Yes its over in Greece
    Maxh yes cant wait to see what dinosaur it is this time
    Reece:are you ready?

    They all get teloported to greece and find destroption caused by a golden T-Rex

    Rex:look at all this mess
    Zoe:i bet that was cause by that (points at golden T-Rex)
    Max:its t-rex but gold and alot bigger

    alpha island

    DR.Z:a dinosaur has appeared and i want you to hurry up and get it *screams*
    ED:yes sir
    Zander:yes sir
    ursula:yes sir


    Rex:go ace ninja attack
    Max:thunder bazoka
    Zoe:lets help out
    ursula:terry join the fight
    zander:spiney you to
    ed:and you tank
    zoeh know the alpha gang
    zander:thats us

    terry vs paris tank vs ace spiney vs chomp but as they fight golden t-rex runs away

    zoe: paris metal wing
    ursula:i got you terry
    rex: ace hurricaine feet
    ed:i got you tank
    max: thunder bazoka
    zander i got you spiney
    max: ha you lose again
    zoe:wheres golden t-rex
    max:he must of ran away this all your fault *shouts* (jumping up and down)
    reece:the dinosaurs moved hes in turkey
    rex:thanks reece the d-team travels to turkey and so does the alpha gang

    zoe:why does the old lady keep following us?
    ursula: I AM NOT AN OLD LADY GRRRRR *shouts*
    max:there you golden t-rex
    rex:c'mon ace
    zoe:and you paris
    max:you to chomp
    ed:go tank
    zander:and you spiny
    ursula:go terry eat them up

    zif has followed the alpha gang to get the dinosaur the d-team are out numberd

    zif:go achilerysaurous super melt down
    rex:ace noooo (ace turns to a card)
    zoe:paris nooo (paris turns to a card)
    max:noo chomp (chomp turns to a card)
    zif:1 hit kill hahaha *laughs*
    alpha gang:wait a go zif
    zif:well that move is super powerful
    max:i forgot something go zicosaurous ultimate earth
    zifpps missed
    rex:that is fast
    reece:the dinosaur is now in saudi ariba
    zoek try not to get destracted again
    rex:me and zoe will stay here and fight zif and alpha gang

    max travels to saudi ariba and attacks the golden t-rex

    max:thunder bazoka

    golden t-rex uses thunder bazoka

    max:chomp you can do it i believe in you push him back comeon you can do it

    chomp knocks golden t-rex away and turns him into a card

    max:yes well done chomp, I GOT A GOLDEN T_REX!!!!!!

    max goes back to turkey

    alpha gang: we will get you next time
    rex and zoe: no you wont zif:your dinos power is incridible but soon my createn will be strongest living thing everrrr
    max:what was that about?
    rex:not sure but have you got the card
    max:you bet

    max:yeswith this golden t-rex it leaves us with 41 cards yeahh
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