Dinosaur King - Season 1

Saturday 10:30 AM on TELETOON Premiered Sep 08, 2007 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Tricks of the Traitor
    Episode 147
    While the D-Team seeks out the location of Alpha's secret base, the android, Jonathan, explains that one of their own members is in fact a guest from the distant future. Rex's parents had traveled through time to save the dinosaurs while Rex was still unborn. When Seth and Dr. Z betrayed them, they had been lost in an unknown period, leaving Rex in the present. Max and friends, however, have little time, however, to digest these revelations. Seth is even now enacting his plan to usurp Dr. Z's position and use his genetically enhanced dinosaurs to conquer the world.moreless
  • 2/28/09
    After waiting far too long in the shadows, pretending to overlook the ineptitude of his master, Dr. Z, Seth finally begins to enact his plan to take over The Alpha Gang. One of his first successes, he hopes, will be capturing an Ampelosaurus, which has appeared in Moscow, Russia. The D-Team also rushes to the scene and discovers the dinosaur in a railcar on the Trans-Siberian Railroad. They struggle to extricate it from the train without injuring its countless passengers, even as The Alpha Gang descends to capture the dinosaur themselves.moreless
  • Mythical Mix Up
    Episode 138
    The D-Team head to Cambodia in pursuit of a new dinosaur and soon find that Rod and Laura have beaten them there, and have brought their nursemaid Helga along for support. Local villagers, who recognized the dinosaur as a creature from local legend, immediately hail Helga as a goddess sent to protect them. True to legend, Helga makes a brave showing against the Stegosaurus that threatens the village, but the D-Team must step in to stop it completely. No sooner have they done so than Rod and Laura sneak in and make off with the Stegosaurus card.moreless
  • Battle Royale!
    Episode 133
    A young Indian princess, desperate to escape her gilded cage, inadvertently unearths a dazzling dinosaur as she attempts to tunnel under the palace gates. She escapes toward the Ganges River and her dream of freedom, the dinosaur trailing close behind. The D-Team detect the dinosaur appearance and make tracks to India themselves, but can they reach the princess-and the dinosaur she has befriended-before the Alpha Gang unleash all their reptile minions upon her?moreless
  • Daddy Dearest
    Episode 128
    The D-Team is searching the limestone walls of a classy neighborhood for fossils they can use in a school project when their Dino-holders detect a dinosaur appearance nearby. They reach the Therizinosaurus just as the Alpha Gang closes in for its capture. On close inspection, however, Max realizes something is out of the ordinary with this dinosaur. It is in fact another of Dr. Z's pet projects-one that he has trained and instilled with enhanced strength and ability. Max and friends work desperately to save the dinosaur from Z's clutches, but their enemies are determined to turn its special powers to their own evil ends.moreless
  • 10/20/07
    With Max's mother out of town, Zoe finds herself stuck in the maternal role of making sure the house stays in order. Insisting they have no need for mothers or mother figures, Max and Rex ditch Zoe, heading off to the Swiss Alps, the scene of the latest dinosaur appearance. As fate would have it, the dinosaur in question is also a mother, and fiercely protective of her little egg. Their latest challenge promises to instill in Max and Rex a healthy respect-if not abject fear-for the unbreakable bonds between a mother and her child.moreless
  • Dinosaur War! (4)
    Episode 49
    Determined to stop Seth from creating a world ruled by mutant dinosaurs, the D-Team races to stop the time machine at the heart of Zeta Point.
  • One Final Move (3)
    Episode 48
    The D-Team is forced to team up with Dr. Z to take on Seth and his prize dinosaur Black T-Rex.
  • Tricks of the Traitor (2)
    As Dr. Z, Ursula, Zander, Ed, and Rod try to thwart Seth's plan, The D-Team learns that Rex and the Alpha Gang are from the future, that Zeta Point is actually a time machine, the seven stones on the tablet represent different powers, Seth and Dr. Z built it, and that Rex's parents were seperated from him by Seth and Dr. Z.moreless
  • 3/21/09
    Reese has rebuilt Jonathan whose memory is still damaged. Meanwhile, Seth invents a new Move Card, that he tells Laura not to tell anyone about because of Dr. Z's back pain. The Alpha Gang soon finds out about that Seth has betrayed them, and that the Move Card is his next malicious scheme.moreless
  • Santa Saurus
    Episode 45
    It's Christmas Eve and Max's parents decide to have a Christmas Costume Party and they invite Rex and Zoe. But when Aki picks up the cake, she runs into Laura and Rod and invites THEM too. Little does she know that the children were just looking for the first chance to find the D-Team's Dinosaur Cards and steal them.moreless
  • A Kyoto Caper
    Episode 44
    The D-Team accompany Dr. Spike Taylor to Kyoto to deliver a complete Fukuisaurus fossil to Dr. Owen. A Fukuisaurus card activates and starts stealing shiny objects. Now that Dr. Z's back is feeling better, he decides to accompany Ursula, Zander, Ed, Laura, and Rod to obtain the Fukuisaurus (which is the last of the Dinosaur Cards).moreless
  • 3/7/09
    To treat Terry, Spiny, and Tank when they come down with the flu, Seth transports Zoe's house to Zeta Point so that Dr. Drake can treat them. Max and Rex go to Zeta Point to save Zoe and Dr. Drake, but Chomp and Ace come down with the flu after they resisted their vaccination shots. Now how will they stop Seth and the Alpha Gang?moreless
  • 2/28/09
    While trying to take over the Alpha Gang, Seth fights the D-Team in Moscow for an Ampelosaurus.
  • 2/21/09
    A real, live dinosaur causes problems on a Hollywood production lot after Dr. Owen is asked to be an advisor for a dinosaur movie.
  • A Mesozoic Mess
    Episode 40
    Max's mother Aki is only days into a trip to Barcelona when Max learns that an Allosaurus has appeared in the city. The D-Team heads to Spain to catch the dinosaur and save Aki.
  • Beast or Famine
    Episode 39
    In a rare moment of peace, the D-Team head to Chinatown to check out a celebrated touring chef. But before they have even had a chance to order, their plans are cut short by the activation of a Mapusaurus. Rod and Laura (who are under the watchful eyes of Helga) show up soon thereafter and join in the chase. As Helga and the touring chef begin a heated cooking competition, Max and Chomp begin a desperate battle to defeat the Mapusaurus in time to catch the meal they'd been looking forward to.moreless
  • Mythical Mix Up
    Episode 38
    A Stegosaurus card has been activated at the Angkor Watt Temple in Cambodia and is mistakened as a dangerous mythical beast of legend. The D-Team arrives there as does Laura and Rod. Since their housekeeper, Helga is with them, she is mistakened by the villagers as the ancient goddess Lola who defeated the mythical monster.moreless
  • Dueling Dinos
    Episode 37
    Seth lends his Velociraptor Move Card to Laura and Rod at the time a Saurophaganax is activated in Oklahoma. The D-Team goes into a showdown with the Alpha Gang to claim the Saurophaganax.
  • Metal Imbalance (2)
    Episode 36
    Seth has experimented on the Velociraptor move card that he found from Australia. Max, Zoe, Rex and their classmates go on a field trip to an iron mill. However, Dr. Z sends Ed, Zander, and Ursula to take over the iron mill to collect Alpha Metal and help repair the Time Machine. Can the D-Team stop them before its too late?moreless
  • Ruff and Ready (1)
    Episode 35
    Dr. Z sends Ed, Zander, and Ursula in a rocket to Australia to collect a dinosaur map. The crash plays a key part in activating an Iguanodon card.
  • Ninja Nightmare
    Episode 34
    Dr. Taylor and the D-Team visit a ninja village. Three Deinonychus activate during a Dino Troopers show which was also one of Dr. Z's creations. Dr. Z and the Alpha Gang arrive to reclaim them.
  • Battle Royale!
    Episode 33
    A Deltadromeus has been activated in India. The D-Team head there and befriend and Indian princess named Meena who saw the Deltadromeus. Zoe takes her place while the D-Team compete against the Alpha Gang to claim the Deltadromeus.
  • Falls Alarm!
    Episode 32
    Ace must face his fear of water when the Dinoholder detects a dinosaur in Niagara Falls. After they are transported there, Max, Zoe, and both of their dinosaur partners get on a boat towards the falls. Meanwhile, the Alpha Gang is back again and challenges Rex and Ace to dinosaur battle.moreless
  • Temple Tempest
    Episode 31
    Dr. Z sends the Alpha Gang to the ruins of the Mayan Civilization to look for the Temple of the Moon and gain access to it in order to search for Alpha Metal. When the Alpha Gang gain entrance to the Temple of the Moon, the D-Team must stop them before they anger the Spirit of the Moon as stated by the locals.moreless
  • Dinosaur Amour! (2)
    Episode 30
    When Reece loses her glasses and cell phone, the D-Team is unable to use the transporter or tell her about another dinosaur activation when a Saurolophus activates in New Mexico. Meanwhile, the Alpha Gang has lost Zander from when they were in Kenya, and Zander thinks he's in heaven when he sees Reece, and he instantly falls in love with her. So he tries to impress her with his music when he thinks she has the egg that he kept the other Saurolophus card in. Reece actually thinks its a little cute that he's doing that, but the D-Team suddenly arrives to help and capture the other Saurolophus card, when Dr. Owen then also tries to win Ursula's heart.moreless
  • Rhino or Dino? (1)
    Episode 29
    A rhinoceros charges toward a poacher's tent plays a key in activating the Torosaurus card in Kenya. When the Alpha Gang arrives, they befriend a poacher, his henchmen and their poaching plot. Max, Rex, and Zoe arrive in Kenya, and they run into a local ranger named Mary when a transmission from Dr. Spike Taylor happens to reveal that he knows their leader. Now the D-Team must stop both the Alpha Gang and the poachers. But unfortunately, Max's Dinoholder breaks and Chomp disappears into the grass plains.moreless
  • Daddy Dearest
    Episode 28
    After having a dream about the Secret Dinosaur Therizinosaurus, Dr. Z predicts on where it will activate and sends Ursula, Zander, and Ed to Japan to get it. Max, Rex and Zoe are also inverstigating but Chomp, Ace, and Paris end up separated from their owners just as the card activated.moreless
  • Carnival of Chaos
    Episode 27
    The D-Team heads out to a dinosaur-themed amusement park where it brings back Spike's memories on how he met Aki. Meanwhile, the Alpha Gang are nearby using dinosaurs and an old amusement park to help them raise money which ends up going horribly awry.
  • Double or Nothing
    Episode 26
    Max, Zoe, and Rex manage to thwart the robbery of 4 people that resemble Dr. Z and his three henchmen who end up escaping without the stolen money. This causes the Alpha Gang to seek them out. Soon, Dr. Z, Ed, Zander, and Ursula collaborate with them to pull off a bank robbery at a casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.moreless
  • A Miner Disaster
    Episode 25
    The Alpha Gang arrive at some Japanese mines and successfully find a Futabasaurus card as well as trying to harvest Alpha Metal. When the D-Team encounters them, Ursula activates it to fend them off. However, Spiny and Tank end up turning against it leaving it's neck injured. It is later found on the shore of a lake by Zoey and Paris.moreless
  • Fashion Victims
    Episode 24
    An Anchiceratops has been activated in Paris, France at the same time when dinosaur fashion is big. The big problem is that Chomp is lost in Paris when Max's Dinoholder breaks.
  • A Loch Ness Mess
    Episode 23
    An Amargasaurus has been activated in Loch Ness, Scotland and it's appearance in the lake cause people to think it's the Loch Ness Monster.
  • Just Plane Crazy
    Episode 22
    When Dr. Reece takes Max, Rex, and Zoe to the airport, Zoe encounters an air traffic controller named Stanley. The Alpha Gang's latest transportation crashes with the airplane Rex, Ace, and Dr. Reece are in careening dangerously in the sky. Ursula, Zander, and Ed have came because of a Megaraptor appearance. Max and Zoe must battle the Alpha Gang to stop them from capturing the Megoraptor and save Rex, Ace, and Dr. Reece from their airplane.moreless
  • No Free Lunch
    Episode 21
    While on a field trip to a cave in Japan, Zoe is asked to sit next to a new student named Amy when she's on the bus, and just make her feel welcome. But as some girls in the row behind them start talking about lizards, Amy starts to feel a little sad, and she shows Zoe the picture of her former pet iguana, Hana and how they had to leave her behind when her family moved in. But she wanders away from the group when she finds a lizard, and also finds an Euoplocephalus and makes friends with him.moreless
  • Tee'd Off
    Episode 20
    The card of the Supersaurus was found on a golf course in Augusta, Georgia by a kid named Dewey and it's card is placed on a barter website. The Alpha Gang and the D-Team try to make a deal with him to obtain that card.
  • 2/23/08
    At Rex's birthday party, all is well until the Alpha Gang has arrived in New York City for the Amber Dinomond and end up taking Dr. Owen hostage.
  • Dance Evolution
    Episode 18
    A Daspletosaurus has been activated in Bali, Indonesia. What is weird is when it starts dancing to the music when the D-Team and the Alpha Gang arrive at the hotel it's at.
  • Field of Screams
    Episode 17
    An Altirhinus has been activated in Ole, Brazil during the Ole Festival and it's Ole Soccer Cup. The D-Team and the Alpha Gang compete in their soccer tournament.
  • All Fired Up! (2)
    Episode 16
    Alpha Gang get the Acrocanthosaurus's card and boosts it with a "Super Controler" which can makes dinosaur under control and boost it's power to maximum. After operation. Acrocanthosaurus becomes fiery with a pyromanic persona. Worst of all, it's out of control and wants to incinerate everything in sight...
  • Volcanic Panic (1)
    Episode 15
    It's summer and the D-Team plans to enjoy their hotspring travel in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, as an Acrocanthosaurus has been activated. It gazes at a volcano in the ocean and trys to arrive there with a unknown reason. The Alpha Gang is here, too and also plans to capture it.moreless
  • Child's Play
    Episode 14
    An unusual Pachycephalosaurus with rainbow luster has been activated in Rome. Dr. Z recognizes it which has been aggrandized by him, and decides to reclaim it by himself. But this Pachycephalosaurus not only has devastating power but speed. Both D-team and Alpha Gang can't feel it...
  • 11/24/07
    After being captured by the Alpha Gang and led into Helga and studying, the D-Team, Rod, and Laura plot their escape. Lucky for the D-Team, Dr. Spike Taylor comes to their rescue. Can the D-Team claim the Ceratosaurus, reclaim the Styracosaurus card, get the album of Dinosaur Cards they lost in "Downtown Runaround", and escape the Alpha Gang's base?moreless
  • 11/24/07
    A Ceratosaurus has been activated at Zeta Point and the D-Team heads there. Unbeknownst to them, that's where the Alpha Gang has their headquarters.
  • Alpha Bets It All
    Episode 11
    While Ursula, Zander, and Ed are hanging out on the beaches of Monaco, a Suchomimus appears and eats all the fishermen's caught fish, causing the fishermen to hunt it. The D-Team arrives to capture the Suchomimus, but before they can, the fishermen suspect the D-Team having something to do with the dinosaur and then they lock them on a ship....until they explain to the fishermen how to capture the Suchomimus, so they let Rex and Ace lure the Dinosaur. Can they do it?moreless
  • Downtown Runaround
    Episode 10
    Zoe borrows Reece's favorite scarf to accesorize Paris, but Paris rips the scarf into tatters because it itches her. She takes Max and Rex with her to the mall to get Reece a new scarf before she finds out what happened to it. Little do they know that Dr. Z sent Ursula, Zander, and Ed out to get an album filled with rare and valuable Dinosaur Cards.moreless
  • Dino Snore!
    Episode 9
    When an Ankylosaurus ends up discovered in a subway station in Tokyo, the D-Team head there. However, Rex and Ace end up separated from the group. Can they reunite with the D-Team and prevent the Alpha Gang from claiming the Ankylosaurus?
  • Maui Owie!
    Episode 8
    When a Styracosaurus appears in Hawaii, the D-Team and Alpha Gang square off to capture it.
  • 10/20/07
    The D-Team and Alpha Gang are invited to play in a Japanese game show. However, as they are competing, a Utahraptor appears.
  • 10/13/07
    Max and Rex try to catch a Maiasaura when it is discovered in the Swiss Alps in Switzerland, but the dinosaur is very protective of its egg. This reminds the boys of how they ran away from Zoe, who makes sure everything in Max's house is orderly while his mother is out of town.moreless
  • Rubble Trouble
    Episode 5
    Called to China for a new dinosaur appearance, the D-Team members are still bickering about Rex's prized ammonite having been broken at their previous dig. But when the Dinosaur's Fire Move misses Terry and hits the entrance to the Great Wall of China, burying Zoe under all of the leftover rubble, Max and Rex must learn how to work together to rescue her.moreless
  • 9/29/07
    When the Alpha-Scanner and the Dino-Holder both detect a dinosaur in the Amazon, Dr. Taylor and Zoe's 15-year-old sister Reece Drake transport The D-Team there to investigate the mysterious appearance of a Saltasaurus. But Chomp wanders off into the jungle and Max must leave the team to find and rescue his Triceratops partner. However, things go worse when he gets lost too. Meanwhile, Zoe and Rex meet up with Ed, Zander, and Ursula once again. Will Max find Chomp in time to give the rest of the D-Team the backup they need? Or will the Saltasaurus find him first?moreless
  • Tanks a Lot!
    Episode 3
    The D-Team and the Alpha Gang head to London to claim the Saichania running lose in a museum.
  • 9/15/07
    The D-Team gets a message for help from their Dinoholders, and learn that they need to save the life of Dinosaurs, by collecting the Dinosaur Cards, that are scattered all around the world. So with the help of one of Dr. Taylor's friends, the D-Team is able to discover a Spinosaurus card in the deserts of Egypt. But the Alpha Gang soon arrives to get it. While Max and Chomp are in Egypt, Zoe and Rex both get their dinosaur partners, Ace and Paris, and go to Egypt to help them stop the Alpha Gang.moreless
  • 9/8/07
    A preteen named Max Taylor and his friends Rex Owen and Zoe Drake discover a meteor crash in a nearby forest in Japan, and some strange cards and tablets that are used to summon a dinosaur come out. Max befriends a Triceratops named Chomp. Meanwhile, A nasty crime-syndicate called "The Alpha Gang" travels back in time and plots to become Dinosaur King and a dinosaur battle ensues.moreless
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