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Dinosaur Train

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It's a dream come true for all young dino-fans: a CGI-animated series called Dinosaur Train brings the natural sciences, including history and paleontology, to life. Aimed at preschoolers, this new PBS Kids series, co-produced by the Jim Henson Co., includes 40 half-hour episodes featuring live-action and paleontologist Dr. Scott Sampson as well as additional learning resources like an interactive Web site for children and activities for parents and teachers. Dinosaur Train was created by Craig Bartlett (Hey Arnold) and focuses on the adventures of pteranadons Shiny, Tiny and Don as well as their adopted brother, Buddy. Buddy is a curious young dinosaur who is determined to learn his true origins. He likes to make hypotheses (educated, scientific predictions) and is a keen observer of the world around him. To aid him in his quest to learn about his world, his parents often take him on the Dinosaur Train, a fantastical train capable of time-traveling to any period in the Mesozoic Era through devices known as "time tunnels." Dinosaur Train is seen weekdays on most PBSKids stations as part of the PBSKids Preschool Block, featuring Miss Rosa. The program is presented in widescreen, is rated TV-Y with E/I for educational/instructional content and features CGI animation.moreless

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  • Dinosaur Brain......

    So ruined... Dinosaur Brain.

    You need to rewind your ideas!!!!!!!
  • These reviews are inaccurate.

    These reviews do not do this show any justice. This was made for KIDS, as in Preschoolers. Not 4th graders, teenagers or adults. The theme song is just as bad as Conjunction Junction, and yet that stuck into people's heads. Because that is the POINT. I sometimes watch this show because my 2 year old daughter loves dinosaurs and trains. Sure, it may not be text book accurate but if I wanted her to watch accurate shows about dinosaurs, I would have her watch animal planet or the history channel. As a child, reviewing this show, I would LOVE it. I wish it were around when I was a kid because I loved dinosaurs. And to the person commenting about the T-REX, I believe he eats fish making him technically still a carnivore. Actually, his family, the Pterodactyls also only eat fish and there is even an episode where they taste plants and spit it out.

    As a 32 year old parent, reviewing this show, I think it's just as informative and entertaining as any of her other favorite shows like Bubble Guppies, Daniel Tiger or Super Why. And in comparison to the PBS shows of my time, they are still the same just a different style.

    Please, I believe the people who are looking for reviews on PBS KIDS tv shows, would appreciate a fair review from someone who knows what they are talking about. Not adults who have nothing to do but compare kid cartoons to adult cartoons. Or from people who criticize the accuracy of a CARTOON and not the imagination of it.

    I am actually sad that they stopped it at 3 seasons. Probably because from the complaints from the people who shouldn't be watching it in the first place. Stick with shows in which you are actually apart of the correct audience. And then you can share your opinions and reviews.moreless
  • dinosaur train is gay

    dinosaur train is unoriginal it's songs are stupid and dinosaurs cannot build trains it's impossible there were no trains back 65 million years ago i mean i know it's a cartoon but it' so gay and overrated okay i would rather watch arthur because that was a great show but season 16 made arthur go downhill and always will so bottom line dinosaur train is an insult to pbs kids and the dinosaurs how could craig bartlett go from a great nickelodeon classic hey arnold to this crap dinosaur train this show must die.

  • Completely INACCURATE!!!

    One time at 4th grade, my teacher tried to put a movie in, and this show was on. My friend Jacob and I were making fun of it being inaccurate. I thought that T-Rex was going to eat the other dinosaur, but no, he eats plants. What kind of dimwit thought T-Rexes were HERBIVORES?! THEY'RE NOT OMNIVORES, EITHER!!! So, yeah, this show gives your kids wrong information about dinosaurs, like Dino Dan. Also, you people need to grow up and watch some South Park or Family Guy for once instead of watching baby shows for a living.moreless
  • It's pretty good

    Not my favorite show, but Dinosaur Train is pretty good and has good plots. Didn't anybody know that Craig Bartlett created this show who made Hey Arnold?

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