Dinosaur Train

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  • Completely INACCURATE!!!

    One time at 4th grade, my teacher tried to put a movie in, and this show was on. My friend Jacob and I were making fun of it being inaccurate. I thought that T-Rex was going to eat the other dinosaur, but no, he eats plants. What kind of dimwit thought T-Rexes were HERBIVORES?! THEY'RE NOT OMNIVORES, EITHER!!! So, yeah, this show gives your kids wrong information about dinosaurs, like Dino Dan. Also, you people need to grow up and watch some South Park or Family Guy for once instead of watching baby shows for a living.
  • It's pretty good

    Not my favorite show, but Dinosaur Train is pretty good and has good plots. Didn't anybody know that Craig Bartlett created this show who made Hey Arnold?
  • my 4 year old son is your biggest fan

    my son watches your show everyday he can tell you all there names and what they eat. ive just learned how to try to connect with eveything thro the web so im tring to share his talents and show how much you help single mothers like myself with advance children who have special intrest. hes been learning about dinasours since he could speak it was his first clear word. if theres anyway he can share his talents hes learned it would be a honor to do it throu pbs kids thanks again lamont pruitts mother ryesa elder
  • Boring and a bit revolting

    I hate this show so much that I wanna vomit.I think people have been watching too much CGI lately and now every single childrens show is CGI and it's getting annoying.The worst episode was that episode that they were talking about poop and it was discusting and made me sick.I would rather stay in a celler with food,water,bathroom,oxegon,computer and a Tv with all my fave channels than watch this crap.PLEASE CANCEL THIS AND BRING BACK OLD TV NOW!
  • PBSKids has released one of the fall 2009 season's greatest delights in "Dinosaur Train," a CGI children's animated series from the Jim Henson Company and the creative mind of Craig Bartlett ("Hey Arnold!") Meet all the species on the dinosaur train!

    Once upon a time there was a mom named Mrs. Pterandon and she had three young pteranodons named Shiny, Tiny and Don. Out of one of her eggs, however, hatched a completely different kind of dinosaur, one which she doesn't know what kind it is, but is determined to love him all the same. She adopted him as a member of her family. She names him Buddy and although he loves his family, he's also very curious and determined to discover his origins. Thus begins "Dinosaur Train"!

    Not just a dream come true come true for fans of dinosaurs, trains, or both, "Dinosaur Train" features fantastic CGI animation and stories that are truly well-done. The story teaches great lessons, generally of the same type you'd find in others like this (be true to yourself, help others, etc etc.) but it also presents the best scientific knowledge about dinosaurs in a way that is truly entertaining.

    This program reminds me a lot of "Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends" (a top favorite of mine) both in appearance and in the values it promotes. Buddy is quickly becoming a favorite character of mine and I love the way that Mrs. Pteranadon squawks. I will happily be catching every episode of this program and I hope it does well enough to earn itself more seasons.
  • Boring and uncreative. PBS kids is going to a time tunnel and not coming back!

    This is one of those cartoons where they take 2 ideas and merge em' together. You have dinosaurs and a train. They go into the train and travel to different time periods. Who thought of this? They added that part it beacause they wanted kids to understand that dinosaurs lived in cirtain times.(You obviously watch too many dinosaur movies) Time Tunnel! Wow! You cant just go in a tunnel and travel through a different time! It's boring! There are 2 scenes in the train or outside.I can't belive they use train stops to represent time periods and there are 3 stops Boo!