Dinosaur Train

Season 1 Episode 39

The Good Mom/ Diamond Anniversary

Aired Weekdays 9:30 AM Jan 17, 2011 on PBS
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The Good Mom:
Mrs. Pteranodon gives parenting tips to Millie Maiasaura, a local mom who is very over protective of her kids.

Diamond Anniversary:
The kids try to help their parents think of the perfect gifts that they can give to each other for their anniversary.moreless

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      • Mr. Pteranodon: Okay, a present for Mom.
        Tiny: Mom loves flowers.
        (Shiny goes up to some flowers and a bee pops out of them)
        Shiny: Yikes!
        Buddy: (Picks up a rock) How about a funny shaped rock? This one is sort of shaped like a chubby iguandon. Or maybe...
        Mr. Pteranodon: Uh son? That's a piece of dried up dinosaur poop.
        Buddy: Yikes! Bad present.

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