Season 2 Episode 21

And The Winner Is...

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Mar 27, 1992 on ABC
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Earl throws his hat into the ring as a candidate for Chief Elder, but he's liable to have his head handed to him by his opponent, B. P. Richfield.

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    • TRIVIA (2)

      • During Earl's turnaround election speech, he picks up a puppy that he names "Checkers". This is a nod to President Nixon's dog who shared the same name.

      • Fran tells Earl first Robbie had his howling, then Charlene's tail grew in, then they all went on the game show, but actually they went on the game show "Family Challenge" BEFORE Charlene's tail grew in.

    • QUOTES (6)

      • (During his attempt to turn the election for Chief Elder around in his favor, Earl heeds Roy's advice)
        Edward R. Hero: Mr. Sinclair, this country is presently running a massive budget deficit, which can only be addressed through the unpopular step of raising taxes. How would you deal with this politically explosive dilemma?
        Earl: Thanks for asking, Ed. My family is fine.
        Edward R. Hero: Mr. Sinclair, I'm waiting for an answer. Do you see higher taxes ahead or not?
        Earl: Well, first there's my son, Robert, the oldest boy. (pulls Robbie on camera) He's quite a chip off the old block! Hey, how's the team doing this year, Robbo?
        Robbie: What team?
        Earl: Ha ha! (pushes Robbie off-camera) And there's little Charlene. (Earl holds up an upside-down picture of Charlene) She's at a dance tonight. Don't stay out too late, honey! (puts down the picture) And then there's my baby son, "Augh Augh I'm Dying, You Idiot" (picks up Baby) Who loves you, baby?
        Baby: Hope you lose!
        (Earl tosses Baby off-camera)
        Baby: Yay! Again!
        Edward R. Hero: Mr. Sinclair, your family is very nice, but will you please answer my question?
        Earl: Yes, Ed, this is a great country, and it has a great flag, and I don't care who hears me say it. (picks up the Pangaean flag and drapes it around himself) Brr! Isn't it a bit chilly in here?
        Edward R. Hero: Mr. Sinclair, you have consistently avoided answering my questions. It's becoming obvious to me that you know nothing about the substantive issues of this election.
        Earl: Thank you for mentioning that, Ed. Yes, it is true. I do adore puppies. And here's the newest member of the Sinclair family. (picks up a puppy) We call him "Checkers".
        (Edward R. Hero starts to look annoyed)

      • (In Earl's second dream, he dreams that he wins the election for Chief Elder. Soon, he starts facing so many demands all at one time and he cracks under pressure)
        Earl: Oh, I don't know! I'm just an ordinary guy! Why don't you all just leave me alone?!
        (Earl slams his hand down on his desk, accidentally pushing the red button to launch a global thermo-nuclear war)
        Earl: ...Oops.
        (We then cut to footage of a nuclear bomb going off and we see a giant mushroom cloud)
        Earl: (voice-over) Oh, no! And on my first day!

      • Edward R. Hero: The voters of this nation are presented with a choice between a monstrous, bloodthirsty psychopath and a self-confessed brain-dead ignoramus. What will future generations think of us that we cannot present the public with better alternatives than these?

      • Fran: Earl, what kind of speech is that?
        Earl: It's the one Mr. Richfield gave me.
        Fran: Mr. Richfield? But you're running against him.
        Earl: I know that. He chose me over all the other guys at work.
        Robbie: You mean he picked you to lose?
        Earl: Of course. Son, under our system, a guy can't just muscle his way to the top without any opposition. We are required by our constitution to let the voters think they have a choice. That's democracy.

      • Ethyl: A lot of kids were given bad names by the elder and they lived normal lives, like your cousin "Achoo"!
        Fran: I just remember how poorly the other kids treated "Blah! Excuse me," Singleman in school.
        Baby: Blaaaaaah! 'Xcuse me, Singleman, hahahaha!

      • Earl: It's embarrassing, he's so much older than all the others. We should've realized we were just calling him 'Baby' all the time.
        Fran: Well Earl, it's been a busy year, first Mother moved in, then Robbie had his howling, then Charlene's tail grew in, then we all went on that game show, then we had the Caveman in the house...it seems every other week something new came up.

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