Season 3 Episode 21

Charlene and Her Amazing Humans

Aired Friday 9:30 PM May 09, 1993 on ABC

Episode Recap

Charlene who is always trying to have some attention from her family about a talent show that is happening tonight, is being distracted by Robbie as he is awarded for many achievements in his class and for making a steak in his class which makes Earl very happy and hungry. And Baby is beating Grandma Ethlyl in poker, which makes Earl even more happier. Charlene decides to leave and not come back, she spends the rest of the evening with Mindy with ideas on how to perform on the talent show. Then Mindy assuming that Charlene is crying but she isn't. A poor cavemen is trapped in a cavemen trap and Charlene and Mindy free them. Then two more cavelings come out after seeing what Charlene did to free the other one and then after finding out that they will do what Charlene says, she finds the perfect plan on how to make the talent show be amazing for her by using these three kids into a talent performers. Robbie is hated after trying to sing his favorite song on stage. The it's Charlene's turn and she makes a big impact on the audience and she wins the contest. Then she's being offered by another Dinosaur to go to the State Fair to perform with the cavemen for a lot of money. Robbie is jealous but soon finds out that there mother is looking for her cavemen children. Charlene refusing to give them up and then decides when she appears on the State Fair show that she doesn't want to do it to the cavelings any more. But the audience don't even care at all and she is assaulted int he end but doesn't even care at all. Then the following night later she frees the cavelings and there mother comes to take them home. Charlene then learns about the species of life and to never use another human being as a slave pet ever again.