Season 3 Episode 21

Charlene and Her Amazing Humans

Aired Friday 9:30 PM May 09, 1993 on ABC



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    • Earl: Sweetheart, you don't have to put on a big show just to get me to love you.
      Charlene: No?
      Earl: No, a little revue would be plenty.

    • Robbie: Excuse me, but I fail to see what's so special about a bunch of dirty forest animals jumping all over each other.
      Baby: Somebody's jealous.
      Robbie: I am not.
      Baby: Yes, you are. Look, you're green.
      Robbie: I'm always green.

    • Grandma Ethel: Whenever you squinch up your nose like that, you're bluffing.
      Baby: I'm not bluffing, I'm pooping.

    • Baby: Mama!
      Fran: What?
      Baby: They want my banana!
      Fran: Don't give them any, sweetheart, Charlene says they're in training.
      Baby: No food?
      Fran: No food.
      Baby: That stinks. (to the cave kids) Shhhh, shhh...
      (Baby throws his banana behind the counter and the cave kids go to it)
      Baby: Share it.
      (Robbie enters the kitchen)
      Robbie: Doesn't anybody ever feed you guys?
      Baby: Me, banana.

    • Charlene: Look, they do everything I do.
      Mindy: (sarcastically) Great, you can teach an aerobics class.

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