Season 3 Episode 9

Charlene's Flat World

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Dec 04, 1992 on ABC

Episode Recap

When her science teacher assigns everyone to come up with an original idea, Charlene gives in to complacency and failure without trying.

A muse visits her that night with a truly inspiring idea: the world is round. But the angel made an administrative mistake as Charlene was supposed to be given a brownie recipe, so he wipes her memory.

Incidentally, the future is changed as 16th century French human Copernicus discovers Fudge Brownies, instead!

Charlene wakes up clueless, but comparing a flat breakfast pancake to an orange jogs her memory and she proclaims the world is round. She reports this in class, and challenges other contemporary dinosaur's thinking in the process. The teacher is thrilled, but Charlene gets arrested for Heresy.

Earl's plan is for her to apologize, but she believes it enough to have some integrity, so she sticks to her belief. Robbie tries to get her some academic support, but amid the government's "Leave the thinking to others" propaganda, he's arrested as well.

After a scientist shows a flat globe in court, Charlene and Robbie are found guilty and sentenced to death. But Charlene cleverly requests their own method of execution: walk over the edge of the earth to their death.

They leave for the edge, but 80 days later they return from the other side, having successfully walked around the world!