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Season 4 Episode 9

Earl and Pearl

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Unknown on ABC
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Episode Summary

Earl steams up when his sister Pearl, who only comes around once in 15 years, shows up to see the Baby. She's a country folk singer and invites Robbie and Charlene to the Bunkin' Bronto to hear her sing, Earl forbids it, but they go anyway. Down there, Roy meets Pearl and falls head over heels for her, but Earl forbids him to be in love with her, claiming she walked out on the whole family. Pearl explains to the kids when their father died, Earl dropped out of school to become a tree pusher and support their mother, and she packed up and left to pursue a singing career, and a rodeo clown named Buttons, and Earl never forgave her for walking out. Roy starts to see more of Earl in Pearl when he tries to kiss her and walks out, Pearl invites the whole family down to the Bunkin' Bronto for one last performance, and asks her baby brother to come up on stage for a duet that explains her apology.moreless

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      • Robbie: So, I guess what we're saying, Dad, is that we always used to complain that you were such a drag and a killjoy, but now we understand why you're so boring and bitter and narrow-minded, uh... Sis, help me out here. I thought I was on my way to a compliment.
        Charlene: Oh, what Robbie is trying to say, Dad, is that we used to be angry at you, but now we just pity you.
        Earl: And about time.

      • (singing)
        Pearl: Some of us are trees, rooted in the ground, some of us are leaves that the breeze blows all around. I've always been a leaf, traveling fast and free, but sometimes how I wished I were meant to be a tree.
        Earl: I was born an oak, the mightiest of trees. But I envied every leaf floating gently on the breeze. And then a leaf explained.
        Pearl: We're really just the same.
        Pearl and Earl: We share a single life, though we go by different names. So if the winds too strong and we can't stay together, I hope you won't forget, you're part of me forever.

      • Pearl: (singing) He waved goodbye and threw me out, all I said was fine. Cuz when your ex is a big T-Rex you move on down the line. For his big long teeth go chomp.
        Charlene: Chomp.
        Baby: His big long teeth go chomp.
        Pearl: Uh huh, and his big fat feet go stomp.
        Baby: His big fat feet go stomp.
        Pearl: Chomp.
        Baby: Chomp.
        Pearl: Stomp.
        Baby: Stomp.
        Pearl: Ain't no use in crying, cuz when your ex is a big T-rex you...
        Pearl and Baby: Move on down the line!
        Baby: Yeah!
        Charlene: You know Aunt Pearl, Roy Hess just happens to be a big T-rex!
        Pearl: Yeah, that's true, but somehow I figure a sweet fella like that wouldn't have the heart to throw me out.
        Robbie: Or the arms!
        Pearl: Hey, now wouldn't that be a hoot? If I got married and settled down here. Now wouldn't that put a knot in Earl's britches?
        Charlene: Yep, all the more reason to do it.
        Robbie: Yeah, Dad's been a real jerk lately.
        Baby: He's no fun, (to Pearl) I want YOU to be my daddy.
        Pearl: Oh, I know you mean that in a sweet way.
        Baby: No I don't.

      • Pearl: Oh, why don't you lighten up?
        Earl: Lighten up? You kids would like that, wouldn't you? You'd like it if I acted like Pearl. Sashay into town, sing a few songs, give everybody a good time. You'd all just love that.
        Charlene: It'd be a big improvement.
        Robbie: Yeah. We'd sure like you better.
        Fran: Sounds exciting.

      • Earl: Now do you see what I mean? Where Pearl Sinclair goes, trouble follows. You want trouble, call Pearl. Pearl equals trouble. Look up trouble in the dictionary...
        Fran: I get it Earl! But let's not be hasty. We don't know for a fact she told the kids to disobey you.
        Earl: It doesn't matter, she provided the temptation. This wouldn't have happened if she wasn't here in the first place.
        Fran: That's not fair, Earl. By your reasoning, if I cheat on my diet because there's a chocolate cake in the fridge, you'd blame the cake!
        Earl: There's cake?

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