Season 4 Episode 5

Earl's Big Jackpot

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Jul 06, 1994 on ABC

Episode Recap

Spending the night on trying to push down trees until the morning, Earl accidentally injures his legs and Roy and the others try to help but Richfield says we should wait in about an hour to rescue him on there break. The next day, Earl is injured badly, Fran forbids him to go to work and since it was like that, Fran demands Earl to call B.P. so that he could be excused and get paid for the accident, but Richfield refuses and then fires Earl. Robbie demands that Earl should get paid at least $800 so he and Fran decide to take the idea to court. The jury actually made a big experience seeing the real face of B.P. Richfield and Earl and the jury decided to pay Earl Sinclair $8,000,000! In shock with all that money, Earl is going crazy and selfish that he causes his friends to be fired since Richfield lost all the money. Fran and Robbie demand the situation to be stopped when they try to give Richfield the money, but he refuses to except if he hires back all the workers. The it's being taken right back to court again, Richfield is the plaintiff, as much as it is. The jury demanded everything to be straighten out. Earl gives back the money to the company and Richfield hires back all it's workers. Then in the end, two jury members get married and Earl excepts the gratitude by joining them for some cake.