Season 2 Episode 14

Fran Live

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Jan 08, 1992 on ABC



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    • Earl: Look, kids, I know times are tough, but your mom's doing something she finds enriching and rewarding.
      Robbie: So?
      Earl: So until she realizes it's not, we've all gotta pitch in and take over her chores.

    • B.P.: Your wife's show.
      Earl: Oh, it's completely out of my hands, sir. There's almost nothing that...
      B.P.: My wife loves it.
      Earl: Oh. Thank you, sir. I always try to encourage my Fran to speak her mind.
      B.P.: But I hate it!
      Earl: But not to speak her mind so much that it could possibly bother or offend anyone. That was her idea completely.

    • Female caller: I'm having a probem with my teenage son. Now, he refuses to walk on his hind legs like the rest of the family. Should I snap his neck or what?
      Fran: Well, if it were my son, I wouldn't snap his neck right off the bat. He may just be going through a phase.
      Female caller: You're right. You're right. I've been very unfair. Thank you, Fran. You saved my life and my son's.

    • Fran: You know, there's a lot of housework to do and it wouldn't hurt any of you to get off your big green butts and give me a hand around here.
      Earl: Jeez! Fran, what you choose to do in your free time's up to you. We wanna watch television.

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