Season 4 Episode 14

Georgie Must Die

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Unknown on ABC

Episode Recap

Baby is constantly in love with Georgie and that he likes watching the Georgie show all the time. Fran doesn't like it that much but ironically she gets use to it a lot. But as for Earl well he loses it and takes the tape out and decides to destroy and damage it a lot. Baby is very upset and is absolutely in tears. Fran demands Earl to apologize to him right now, then Baby wants to go to the Georgie show to see and hug Georgie. But Earl again rejects because he's lazy. The next day, Baby is absolutely out of control that he wants to see Georgie. Earl is ready to jump out the window but then decides not to actually because he and Roy have the idea to make Georgie come true for Baby. Earl disguises as Georgie and then later has fun doing it to make the Baby love him and himself a lot. but out of no were the police knock on Earl's door and arrest him for dressing as Georgie. He's in jail, but Fran comes to his aid and decides to invite Georgie in to tell him good stuff. WRONG! Georgie tells Earl that he's doing the show to make children do bad things and that he's doing it for the money to make every show in the Dinosaur world become a complete disaster. earl gives up but later is saved when two people that come from France decides to rescue him and tell him exactly what to do to stop Georgie for the madness. Roy is shocked to believe that earl is free and then tells Fran that he's going to do this for Baby's good into seeing what kind of character Georgie is. The next day, Georgie is in the back signing autographs and Roy distracts him with a sleeping gas to knock him out while Earl goes on the set to tell everyone about Georgie. But surprisingly Georgie awakes from his sleep and Earl and Georgie go on a battle. After words, Roy is in stage performing for the children while earl in the end punches the daylights out of Georgie and he goes to jail for good.