Season 3 Episode 6

Germ Warfare

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Nov 06, 1992 on ABC
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Earl gives Baby a dirty pacifier, which in turns makes him very sick. The Sinclairs visit a doctor who charges a lot of money for medicine that doesn't work. Grandma Ethyl insists they take Baby to Zabar, the man in the woods.

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  • When the Baby gets sick, Frank insists on taking him to the doctor, but the doctor makes him worse. At the end of their rope, they take him to a guy in the woods and find out his natural cure works better than modern medicine.moreless

    A great episode and not too far a stretch from the truth. Fran expects a doctor to know what he's doing when Baby's sick, but in all truthfulness, the doctor is no help at all. He charges them $1,000 for medicine that's supposed to cure the Baby, but instead it multiplies the germs, making him worse. After listening to Ethyl's repeated story of a guy in the words who can cure anything for two beavers pelts and a roast beef, Fran and Earl decide he's their last hope. As it turns out, the guy in the woods knows more about what he's doing than the doctor. This episode was a great example of how modern medicine is all about the money, and people should have more faith in natural cures than what modern science can come up with.moreless
  • Another episode that made me cry.

    Poor Baby got sick from sucking on a dirty toy his father gave him, and his family tries to find good medicine for him to make him feel better. Unfortunately, the doctors turn out to be gold-digging quacks, and they give Baby some bad medicine that only makes him sicker. Then, they finally find a good doctor with natural medicine for Baby, and that's what cures him of his illness. I cried when I saw him sick. Poor little cutie! And the quack doctors made me sad. But what made me smile was the cure that worked. I love Baby, and I was so happy to see him feeling better. It's no fun to see your baby get sick.moreless

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    • Earl: (after watching the Baby go from cold to hot and thirsty to nauseous) He's not getting any better, Fran, sell the house!
      Fran: We're not selling the house to buy medicine that doesn't work.
      Earl: But the medicine that doesn't work is our only hope! Oh Fran, our baby is sick, and if we can't make him better and the doctor can't make him better, then what other alternative is left for us in the entire planet?
      Ethel: I don't know if I mentioned it before, but there's this guy in the woods...

    • Earl: (reading how much the new medicine will cost) Fran, we need this much.
      Fran: That's even more than the last time!
      Doctor: Oh Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair, can you really put a price on your child's health?
      Fran: Well you just did!

    • Earl: We're at the doctor's, little guy, how are you holding up?
      Baby: Daddy, I love you.
      Earl: Fran, he's delirious!
      Baby: You're my favorite, daddy. Daddy.
      Earl: Oh Fran, we're losing him!

    • Fran: I don't trust the doctor.
      Earl: Why? Just because everything he said has been wrong?

    • Earl: Water and power? Do we need both?

    • Earl: Whoa, whoa, whoa. These childhood illnesses always look worse then they really are. Remember, Robbie? He had exactly the same thing. (Fran glares at him) I mean, not the spinning head.

    • Fran: It's the phone bill and it's just a little more then I expected.
      Earl: 4,563,000 dallars!
      Fran: That's our phone number..

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    • The Exorcist:

      The baby's head spinning around and speaking in a demonic voice refferences the horror masterpiece The Exorcist.

    • Penicillin:

      Zabar: He must eat... moldy bread!

      This is probably a reference to the antibiotic medicine known as penecillin, which was discovered growing in mold.