Season 3 Episode 13

Green Card

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Jan 29, 1993 on ABC
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The government blames the poor economy on four-legged dinosaurs and enacts anti-four-legged laws. In order for Monica to stay in the land of Pangaea, the laws require her to be married to a two-legged dinosaur. Roy, who loves Monica, is happy to oblige. The only problems are Earl and the WeSaySo corporation, who no longer want Roy around.moreless

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      • Monica: Are you suggesting we just ignore the problems out there?
        Earl: As patriotic citizens, it is our duty.

      • Monica: Those are the eggs I borrowed last week.
        Fran: Thank goodness, I have nothing for breakfast and I've already spent our grocery money for the week. Earl's paycheck just doesn't stretch as far as it used to.
        Monica: Times are tough for everyone, a lot of my friends have lost their jobs. I think the economy's really in trouble.

      • Baby: Um, why are four leggers bad?
        Earl: Well you see, son, we have two legs, and they have four, so they're different, and therefore evil.
        Baby: Well, I have four legs.
        Earl: (laughs) No son, those are arms.
        Baby: Oh, well, I walk on them.
        Earl: (laughs) Well then I guess you're just a little young to understand the deeper meaning of race hatred.

      • Earl: Oh Fran, it's a nightmare out there. I tell you, they're trying to kill us.
        Robbie: Sounds like once again the government didn't think things through. See ya.
        Earl: You! Ah it kills me to say it but he's right. The government it out of its mind; our guys are drowning and they're throwing bags of cement at them! A four-legger from the other side pulled me out.
        Fran: Maybe the four leggers aren't your real enemies after all.
        (Roy and Monica enter)
        Roy: Pally boy, are you allright?
        Monica: We saw the news and we rushed right over.

      • Monica: It just seems stupid. You have to get married to stay in the country because of a law that doesn't make any sense?
        Fran: (to Monica) We're not talking about a real marriage. It's just a way you can stay in the country and fight for your rights. What they're doing is wrong, don't let them run you out.

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      • Green Card:

        The title of this episode, and its plot are a reference to the 1990 film, Green Card. The film centers around a marriage of convenience for a Frenchman trying to get in the US. But he finds out there's more to his new wife they he ever thought possible.