Season 1 Episode 4

High Noon

Aired Friday 9:30 PM May 17, 1991 on ABC
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Earl's blood runs colder and outraged when a monstrous male who notices Fran in the supermarket challenges him to a fight to the death for her. Earl believes he has no choice but to accept the challenge. The battle later takes place in front of his house. Earl quickly attacks hims and Fran stops everything telling Gary to stay away from her, her family and her life.moreless

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  • After Fran meets a strange dinosaur at the supermarket, he threatens to take Earl's family and his life away.

    This episode was funny, and it showed a little character development as you learn how much Earl truely does care about his family. You also learn how much Fran loves Earl.

    You can't help but feel bad for Earl as he faces his opponet, with little if any chance of beating him. As always, the Baby serves as a resource for never ending comedy that makes you love watching the show. Robbie is adorable as he feels bad for his father, and Charlene isn't really affecting that much by the change. The family has a happy ending, and a well deserved one.moreless

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    • Ethel: (reading to Baby) 'And so the little train learned that if you try and try and try and try, you can do anything'. Not true, without proper fiber in your diet, you can try until you're blue in the face.

    • Gary: I'm looking for Earl Sinclair.
      Earl: Well that used to be me...let me introduce you to your new family, this is your new son, Robbie.
      Robbie: How's it going?
      Earl: Your daughter Charlene.
      Charlene: Hellooo.
      Earl: Your new baby.
      Baby: Where's the rest of him?
      Earl: And I believe you know Fran.

    • Ethyl: Here comes the Grandma train, open the tunnel, choo choo. (Baby refuses) It's delicious, num-num.
      Baby: You eat it.
      Ethyl: You wanna open your mouth or do you want me to feed you to a pterodactyl?

    • Roy: You got a plan?
      Earl: Yeah, it's quite simple really. Gary shows up at 6 and I'm dead by 6:03, maybe 6:05 if I can keep the bathroom door closed.

    • Robbie: Mom, there's this big kid at school who's been bothering me. Maybe you could just come down and teach him a lesson.
      Earl: Hey, Hey! Hold on there. I'm the father and if anybody's gonna go down to your school and beat up a kid it's gonna be me.

    • Earl: As you know, I've been challenged. For reasons too complicated to explain, I've chosen not to fight.
      Robbie: But Dad, if you go who's gonna play catch with me? Who's gonna take me fishing?
      Earl: I don't know. Who does that now?
      Robbie: Nobody, but I was hoping we could start.

    • Earl: Fran, part of me is saying, "Hey, this is my house. I ought to stay and fight." But that's probably the part of me that's gonna get eaten first.

    • Earl: I know they just crawled out of the sludge, and I hate to be critical of other life forms, but God, I hate lawyers.

    • Earl: (to Gary) Well then maybe you should just get off my porch.
      Fran: And put those pine trees back where you found them!

    • (Baby pounds the toy dinosaur he called Gary)
      Baby: Still the daddy! Still the daddy! Still the daddy!

    • (Baby's playing with toy dinosaurs using one as Earl and the other as Gary)
      Baby: Gary, Daddy, Daddy, (growling) Gaaaaarrrry!
      Charlene: No, no, no, gimme. (takes the toys away from him)

    • Robbie: Dad are you sure about this? You saw his sock.
      Earl: Bring on his socks, bring on his shorts, bring on the whole hamper! Because Earl Sinclair is fighting for his family!

  • NOTES (1)

    • This episode teaches us another one of the rules of the Dinosaurs. The first episode establishes that having families is a rather new idea, and apparently you can take someones family legally by a duel to the death.


    • Hair Club For Men: While Robbie and Baby are watching TV, a commercial comes on for the "Horn Club for Males" which follows the same dialog and format as the Hair Club for Men commercials.