Season 1 Episode 3

Hurling Day

Aired Friday 9:30 PM May 10, 1991 on ABC
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Earl gleefully awaits "Hurling Day" when he'll have the ritual honor of heaving his mother-in-law into the tar pits, but Robbie thinks the tradition should be chucked.

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  • "Hurling Day" is a holiday in which the son in laws get to throw their mother in laws off a cliff into a tar pit. Including Earl.

    I totally agree with the guy that reviewed this episode before me.. this def. was a episode that showed a problem in every day life.

    Although, I don't know about you, but I found the idea of throwing your mother in law off of a cliff into a tar pit hilarious. The fact that the guys liked it so much just added to the comedy. Not that I agree with the idea, but Come on. It's a kids TV show. YOu have to be able to live a little when it comes the to mental picture of an old lady getting thrown off of a cliff. =)moreless
  • Following an old tradition, Earl is looking forward to hurling Fran's mother into a tarpit when she turns 72, but young Robbie, always the thinker in the Sinclair family, decides since times have changed, traditions do too.moreless

    Many episodes of "Dinosaurs" reference situations people face in every-day life, and this was another one of them. It shows that just because someone's gotten old, it doesn't mean that they're no good anymore. Too many people underestimate older people and assume they've nothing left to give, no reason to stick around, they're no use to anyone, which is why many of them end up in rest homes and are forgotten, when the reason they're old is because they've lived longer and seen and done many things in their lives and because of the long lives they've lived, they have such interesting stories to tell. Even though Ethyl is 72, she proves to be very lively every time she comes around, and it proves if she had been hurled, it would have been, as Robbie put it, a waste of a perfectly good old lady.moreless

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    • Fran: I've made a decision, you're not throwing my mother.
      Earl: I'm throwing her, Fran.
      Fran: You want to sleep on the couch the rest of your life?
      Earl: I'm throwing her, Ethyl! I'm throwing her, I'm throwing her, I married you so I could throw her.

    • (looking through photographs)
      Robbie: This is when you came to visit me at camp, here's a letter I wrote. "Dear Grandma, how are you? I am good, the food here is good, I hope you are good too. (both laugh) Love, Robbie Sinclair.
      Ethyl: Yeah, yeah you always wrote me.

    • Robbie: It used to be old dinosaurs slowed down the pack, now we live in houses. It used to be old dinosaurs couldn't hunt, now we have supermarkets. So isn't throwing Grandma off a cliff just a waste of a perfectly good old lady?

    • Robbie: Dad, when Grandma goes into the tar pit, is there life after that?
      Earl: For me there is.

    • Fran: I want you to think of the tar pit as a wonderful place where you'll want to spend eternity.
      Charlene: Oh, I get it. Just like the Galleria.
      Fran: (sarcastically) Yeah.

    • Earl: After 20 years of your mother on my back, I get to haul her up to the top of the mountain and fling her bony butt to oblivion, solemnly and with dignity, of course.

    • Earl: Without this, my life means nothing.
      Robbie: Then I guess my life must mean nothing because when your time comes, I'm not throwing you.
      Earl: Why the hell not?
      Robbie: Because you're my father, just because you get old doesn't mean you quit being my father.

    • Robbie: What am I supposed to say when she comes over tonight? Goodbye? Good luck? Sorry you're being thrown off a cliff?

    • Ethyl: It's the baby!
      Baby: It's the Grandma! (Earl enters the room) Uh oh!
      Earl: Hello, mother Phillips.
      Ethyl: Hello, fat boy.
      Earl: Hello you wretched!
      Fran: Earl Sneed Sinclair!
      Earl: Oh God, my whole name.
      Fran: All I'm asking is that you get along with mother for 12 hours, 12 hours, that's all, then she's out of your life forever.
      Earl: She provokes me!
      Fran: Close your mouth and don't let her provoke you.
      Baby: Hello, fat boy!

    • Fran: It's only for the rest of her life, how long could that be?
      Earl: I don't know, Frannie, no one's ever died of old age before.
      Ethyl: You know? I feel like I could live to be a million.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Mister Ed

      While watching TV, a commercial comes on for Mr. Ugh. About a dinosaur who owns a caveman that can speak.

      This is a parody of Mister Ed, a show about a man who owned a horse who could talk.

    • La Brea Tar Pits:

      When Robbie asked about the tar pits, Ethyl said they were named after a dinosaur named Bob La Brea.

      This is a reference to the famous La Brea Tar Pits in the Miracle Mile district of Los Angeles, CA.

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