Season 4 Episode 1

Monster Under the Bed

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Jun 01, 1994 on ABC



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    • Charlene: If you hate us so much, why are you living under our house?
      Decker: Oh that's rich...I'm not living under your house. You're living on top of mine!
      Charlene: Well when we built our house here, there was nothing but a mound of dirt.
      Decker: Well that mound of dirt just happened to be my home. One minute I'm in the sun room working on a crossword puzzle, when my home gets covered in concrete. So I've been down here for 13 years since, tunneling through fifty feet of concrete!
      Charlene: For 13 years?
      Decker: It took me 10 years just to get the permit!

    • (Robbie and the Baby find Charlene in a cage in a tunnel under the bed)
      Charlene: He's got these claws and these big sharp teeth!
      Baby: (mimicking Charlene) Don't see any monster, maybe just your imagination.
      Charlene: Aright, I'm sorry I didn't believe you. Now hurry up and get me out! He's going to cook me for dinner!

    • Charlene: Alright, Junior, tell your sister where the horrible monster is, and I'll kick his monster butt.
      Baby: He's under the bed!
      Charlene: You know what? I don't think there is a monster, I think you're just making this whole thing up just to get attention.

    • Baby: He's gonna cook us in a big pot with carrots, I hate carrots!

    • (Baby hits Earl with his bat)
      Baby: Whack the monster!
      Earl: Fran, turn on the light.
      (Baby hits earl again)
      Baby: Whack the monster!
      Earl: Fran, light!
      Fran: I can't find the switch.
      (Fran turns on the lights. Earl falls over and the Baby's bat is broken in half)
      Fran: (to Baby) Are you alright?
      Baby: I broke my Monster Bat! I'm scared again! Don't leave me!

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