Season 2 Episode 19

Nuts To War (1)

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Feb 26, 1992 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: The Baby wants to get his caveman cracker back from the cookie creature so tries to trap him by holding another cookie right outside his hole. If he could get another cookie in the first place, why did he still battle for the one taken?

  • Quotes

    • Elder in Chief: Naturally, I'm not talking about sending productive members of society. It'll be mostly teenage boys and the poor.
      Earl: Oh, good. Then this just affects our kids.

    • (bugle fanfare plays outside)
      Earl: Well, this is it boys!
      Fran: Now, Robbie.
      Robbie: Huh?
      Fran: I don't mind you spitting for a good cause, but if they start shoving and using foul language, I want you to call us...then go stand in front of the battlefield and we'll pick you up.
      Robbie: Mom...

    • (Baby is crying because his cookie was stolen by a mouse-ish creature)
      Fran: No. Crying isn't going to help.
      Baby: My cookie's gone!
      Fran: Because you ate it.
      Baby: No! The cookie creature took it.
      Fran: Oh, right. A cookie creature took it.
      Baby: Don't talk down to me!
      Fran: This is between you and the cookie creature, so you two will have to work it out.
      Baby: Oh, well, thanks for nothing. (he sighs, and then looks deviously at the hole in the wall)

    • Earl: It's not that I don't blindly believe everything the government's telling us, but what do you think of the news blackout all of a sudden?
      Sid: What're you saying there, Earl?
      Earl: I'm just saying that after all the good news, they're not telling us anything.

    • Ethyl: Hmmmm, what does USO stand for?
      Charlene: Oh, the Uninhibited Sisters of other Guys. We're going to be entertaining a lot of lonely kids out there, and I get to be out of school.
      Fran: Lonely kids, those poor boys away from home.
      Ethyl: Don't worry Frannie, the whole nation's praying for their safe return.

    • Reporter: We have proof of throwing dirtclods, on the battlefield!
      Fran: They're throwing dirtclods?!
      Roy: Eh, let 'em, our side's going to be using sticks.
      Fran: Sticks? Someone could put out an eye! This has gotten way out of hand. Earl, I want you to go up there, and bring Robbie home.
      Earl: I can't, it's a strict military base up there. No mommies, no daddies, just soldiers.
      Charlene: And USO girls like me...
      (Fran looks at Roy and Earl)
      Fran: Hmmmmmmmm...

    • Howard Handupme: This just in... (reads the report) No! No! Dear God in Heaven say it isn't so! No! (realizes he's on camera) Everything's fine, now here's Dwayne with sports.
      Fran: What was that? It was something bad wasn't it? Why won't they tell us what's happening?

    • Coworker #1: I hear our side's going to be throwing sticks.
      Earl: Sticks? Somebody could lose an eye.
      Coworker #2: You got a problem with our government, Sinclair?
      Earl: No, I was just thinking...
      Coworker #2: Thinking?
      Cowoker #1: Hey, if everyone just sat around thinking, we'd never get an operation like this off the ground.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • USO:

      In this episode, the Uninhibited Sisters of Other guys (USO) puts on a show for the boys on the front line. The real USO(United Service Organizations) provides recreational services and morale to military officers.

    • War:

      In this episode, the Dinosaurs come up with the concept: We Are Right, which eventually leads to fighting, as well as portraying the government as a body that will basically use the poor and children to win against the four-leggers.

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