Season 2 Episode 20

Nuts to War (2)

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Feb 26, 1992 on ABC
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In this second part of the extravaganza, Earl, Roy, and Charlene pose as entertainers and rush to the front to retrieve Robbie, because it looks like this war thing is getting a little bit out of hand, but Robbie ignores Earl's efforts to get him to come home.moreless

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      • Earl: (while closing the drapes) I have full confidence in our leaders! Fran, it's a nightmare out there...Our boys are getting their eyes poked out! Everything we've been told is just a lie!

      • Earl: You sell these to the enemy? But my son is out there, he may even be killed!
        B.P. Richfield: I didn't know that...I also don't care.

      • (after watching the malicious propaganda attacking four-leggers on TV)
        Fran: I never thought I'd say it, but today, I'm ashamed to be a two-legger.
        Monica: Oh I'm sure they're showing the same kind of awful propaganda on the other side of the swamp.
        Fran: This whole war is making everybody act like children

      • B.P.: This isn't about nuts! This is about a force beyond your understanding! A force that controls your life and shapes your destiny!
        Earl: You mean Fran?
        B.P.: Money!

      • Sarge: This corsage is the symbol of your rank. Wear it proudly, put it in the refrigerator at night. And remember, don't abuse your power ... unless it really gets you off.
        Robbie: I won't let you down, sir.

      • Sarge: Now they're sending me home. They say just because I'm blind I can't lead my troops into battle. The fools. But I know that my boys are right behind me!
        Robbie: Actually, we're slightly to your right, Sarge.

      • Charlene: Dad, I can't go out there. I'm too nervous.
        Roy: Oh, here's a tip for stage fright.
        Charlene: What?
        Roy: Imagine the audience is in their underwears.
        Charlene: Two thousand teenage boys in their underwear? See you on stage.
        Earl: Hey, hey, hey, hey!
        Charlene: What?
        Earl: You put their clothes on right now!

      • Charlene: I heard somebody got killed.
        Robbie: Yeah, it was some new guy...you know we could've won!
        Fran: What?
        Earl: Robbie, what're you saying?
        Robbie: Well I mean it's terrible that guy got killed and all, but we had those four leggers on the run, we could've won it.
        Earl: A boy died, it wasn't worth it, the fighting didn't solve anything, don't you see that?
        Fran: Come on, Robbie, let's get you out of that uniform, you have school tomorrow.
        Robbie: Forget school, a bunch of the guys are talking about keeping the army together, they'll have drills, set up a base at the swamp so we'll be ready for them next time. They're working on a whole new line of weapons! Yeah!
        Earl: Stop that! You're not a solider, you're a kid. You're going to go to school, you're going to take girlfriends to dances, you're going to drive me crazy like you always have. You're gonna lead a normal kid's life, until it's time for you to grow up.
        Robbie: Dad?
        Earl: It's alright Robbie, it's over now, you're home.

      • (watching TV)
        Narrator: Everytown, Pangea, dinosaurs there are like dinosaurs everywhere, they shop, work and snack, and like dinosaurs everywhere they tend to take their snacking freedoms for granted. Sadly they are unaware of a dark force looming over them from the four-leggers. First we lose pistachios, from there it's almonds, and finally, our form of government. Where does it end? They won't be happy until we walk on all fours like they do.
        Fran: I never thought I'd say it, but today, I'm ashamed to be a two-legger.
        Monica: Oh I'm sure they're showing the same kind of awful propaganda on the other side of the swamp.
        Fran: This whole war is making everybody act like children.

      • Earl: Roy, one of our boys died out there.
        Roy: Hey hey. That was read by accident and we are supposed not to have heard it, and I for one am glad to do my part.
        Earl: That kid out there could be Robbie--my son could be dead!
        Roy: Listen, I'm gonna have to hear these things first before I can get back to you.
        Earl: We have to stop the fighting! We have to bring the boys home!

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      • Earl's protest sign is two sided. One side states:
        and the other side states:

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • The songs Earl, Roy and Charlene sing as USO girls are "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" by the Andrew Sisters, "Falling in Love Again" by Nina Simone, and "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree" (with some altered lyrics to fit the pistachio war) by Glenn Miller.