Season 3 Episode 14

Out of the Frying Pan

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Feb 05, 1993 on ABC



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    • Earl: I'm not so sure this is all about the kid anymore, and Monica happens to agree with me.
      Fran: You and Monica were talking about me?
      Earl: A lot of people are talking about you, Fran, and not all of it's good.
      Fran: Just say what you came here to say.
      Earl: Allright, I think you're getting just a little too caught up in this thing called show business.
      Fran: Anything more?
      Earl: Yeah, I got more, plenty more, you say you're doing this for the Baby? Well let me ask you this, who gets a ride in the limo? Who gets the cappuchino? Who gets herself a brand new dress for the awards ceremony?
      Fran: You think that's all this is?
      Earl: It doesn't matter what I think, it's what you think, and you better think hard.

    • Earl: I wish we'd never gotten involved with that corrupt world of money and power. Of course if they hadn't fired me, I wouldn't be saying any of this.
      Monica: No Earl, you're right, this is no place for someone like Fran.
      Earl: Geeze, you and I actually agree on something, now I'm really depressed.

    • Fran: I'm only doing this for the baby's college fund.
      Assistant: (holding up two dresses) Mrs. Sinclair, for your awards dinner?
      Fran: That one.
      Earl: Frannie, he just fired me!
      Fran: I realize that, Earl, but it would be irresponsible for me to walk out on the baby's career. I'll need an evening bag to go with that!
      Assistant: Right.
      Earl: He's a kid, he doesn't need a career!

    • Fran: You want to know how I'm going to raise my baby? Well it is not going to be on some movie lot surrounded by a bunch of two faced manipulative cellular phonies. He's going to be raised right here by a family who loves him and knows what's best for him.

    • Baby: There's my limo, call my agent, I'll be on the coast, I'm a player, gotta love me.

    • Baby: I don't know why I married you! (hits Earl with a frying pan, the pan breaks)
      Fran: Oh no! Well, maybe we can glue back together.
      Earl: No, the last time we did, I couldn't get my hat off.
      Charlene: Isn't that the 4th pan he's broken this month?
      Robbie: I count 5.
      Earl: 6 if you count the wok.

    • Baby: Saturday morning, got to make pancakes.
      Fran: You're imitating me, aren't you?
      Baby: Kids, breakfast is ready, hurry up, getting cold. (pause, bitter tone) Fine! Don't eat! I cook, I clean, when do I get to have a life?
      Fran: That's enough, sweetheart.
      Baby: I'm sick and tired of picking up after you kids!
      Fran: Cut it out.
      Baby: We spoiled them all!

    • Robbie: These scripts are ridiculous...a baby's family goes on vacation and leaves him home alone? It's just not possible.
      Fran: So we'll get a rewrite, script writers are a dime a dozen.

    • Fran: I thought you were giving your brother a bath.
      Charlene: He didn't like the bubbles I used so he fired me.
      Robbie: Yeah, he fired me too.

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    • Home Alone:

      Robbie: A baby's family goes on vacation and leaves him home alone? It's just not possible.

      This is a reference to the 1990 movie, Home Alone.

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