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Season 2 Episode 15

Power Erupts

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Jan 15, 1992 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Robbie comes up with an excellent idea for his science project that becomes a hit around the dinosaur world. Seems he has found a way to produce free energy. But B.P. Richfield and the Wesayso Corporation have plans to discredit and ruin Robbie's project at all costs.moreless

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    Edie McClurg

    Edie McClurg


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    Dinosaur Girl

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    John Vernon

    John Vernon

    Mr. Ashland

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • Robbie:
        (As he is trying to come up with an invention for the science fair) Sneakers with a pump in them...what a stupid idea!

        His idea alludes to the Reebok Pump, a basketball shoe with a pump built in to the tongue, which was popular during the early 1990s.

      • During the Ask Mister Lizard segment, the jet engine being tested is marked "McDino Douglas". This is a play on the name of the aerospace manufacturing firm, McDonnell Douglas.

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Richfield: Mr. Ashland! You're asking me to destroy an innocent boy, just to protect our corporate assets! I'm honored.

      • Earl: For 20 years, I always thought the company was out to make my life miserable. Now I know that's not true. They want to make everyone's life miserable.

      • Earl: The Wesayso company has been like a loving, if somewhat sadistic parent all these many years. And how have you repaid them?
        Robbie: By creating free energy and ending pollution.
        Earl: You put a knife right in their heart.

      • Mr. Ashland: Free power puts us right out of the energy business. Or should I say, Robert Sinclair has the potential of putting us out of business, unless of course, we put him out of business first.
        B.P.: Ah-ha.
        Mr. Ashland: That's where you come in, Richfield.
        B.P.: You want me to eat him, sir?
        Mr. Ashland: Don't be ridiculous. We're executives in a large, respected corporation. We don't eat our enemies. We have lawyers for that.

      • (Robbie comes in being bombarded with food)
        Robbie: Suck tar!
        (Robbie slams the door)
        Fran: What's wrong?
        Robbie: What's wrong? I invent something that'll benefit everyone, and they want to kill me!

      • Fran: What about this heating bill? It says 'pay now or die'.
        Earl: At least they're still giving us a choice.

      • Baby: Wait a minute! Why're we happy?
        Robbie: Because it's an ash day, we get to stay home from school.
        Baby: I get to stay home from school?
        Charlene: You're a baby, you don't go to school.
        Baby: I want to go to school!
        Robbie: Why?
        Baby: So I can stay home.
        Charlene: You are home.
        Baby: Then I got my way.

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