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  • A memorable show created by Jim Henson that has been related to other shows like, Aladdin, Jungle Cubs, Mickey Mouse Works and The golden Girls. To add it all up, this series has really become a true hit of all time. People have the answer "How Dinosaurs

    The series was based from the Jim Henson Productions and Michael Jacobs. Earl Sinclair lives in his life with a family that has always been there for him from bad times to good times. His social sophisticated wife Fran Sinclair mother of three Robbie, Charlene and Baby Sinclair is going thrpugh the life of all motherhood. While on the other side you have Roy Hess as Earl's friend, Monica DeVertibrate as Fran's friend along with Charlene, Grandma Ethyl Phillips, Dinah and Spike as Robbie's bestest friend makes the series even more popular. Even with Earl's boss B.P. Richfield of WeSaySo.
  • Dinosaurs was a classic TV show for it's time. Truely one I wish could be brought back via DVD. I personally would buy ever DVD, and know many others would.

    The show starred the Sinclair family, a lovable family with a very Simpson'esque vibe to it. Often, the baby dinosaur would be hitting the father on the head with a frying pan yelling "Not the Mama !!", and I think this is why the memory of Dinosaurs has stayed with me. The show was always fresh, with a combined feel of the Flintstones (but in reverse, Dino's ruled) and the Simpsons it was able to capture the hearts of many Americans. I am hoping for a future revival via a DVD release, but the chanced of that happenening seem to be slim to none. So if any DVD companies are reading this... GET the RIGHTS to publish DINOSAURS. I give this a 10 out of 10
  • Real

    I like this show alot cause it gives me everything i want to see its very good and something i like to watch this show has good and bad point about it but its ultimatly good entertainment for me and my friends and family it i think its a good show with informative and insightful situations that people can relate to in there own way , This is a show that i caould watch without flipping the station to find what else is on , i recommend anyone to atleast watch it once to see if they like it like i do
  • great show pretty funny i like the baby the most. Would be nice to have the all the dvds so i can see all the episodes. i have a few episodes but i have not seen them all. i wanna get the other episodes. i know they will be good

    story about dinosaurs living everyday life but different things happen on that are just funny to believe. i like the episode when the older brother is a canivore and he got eaten by a big dinosaur and so did his dad. great show for little kids and adults might want it as a classic to have
  • I think this was that show that was about puppet dinosaurs that lived in prehistoric times. I believe it was on disney, and it was on every day. It was one of those show that you did not want to watch but there was nothing else on.

    I hated this piece of garbage with a passion. It was just about some puppet dinosaur family that did nothing, and i bleieve john goodman in it, but i could be totally wrong about this one. I gave this show a .7 because there was nothing good about to me, but this is just my opinion of the show.
  • About prehistoric dinosaur family living just like humans do-going to school, work, dating and basically doing the typical everyday things that most humans do. This show was set in the days before humans even existed and were thought about at all. This sh

    I remember this show. I can't believe that I used to watch this show. What was I thinking about? I don't know what I saw in this show and why I even bothered watching this. This is a show that clearly doesn't need to come back. I don't want to relive the days of this show.
  • Great, funny, family show.

    Great show! The should put this back on TV. First of all this show is apropriate for all ages, and Mom, Dad I know what your thinking it is going to be another stupid kid show, but while your kid is laughing at the kiddy jokes you can be smerking at the adult humor that's in there too.
  • Acutally really funny

    This show was actually pretty funny now that I look at it now, when it was on I thought it was a lame simpsons ripoff but it u could say that family guy(one of my favorites)ripped off of this!!! A fat stupid father, A nice understanding wife, The Awkward teen daughter, even the crazy talking baby. As I said I happen to come across the show on dvd and have been watching it ever since, while not bust-a-gut funny it does have it's moments and compared to the other crap on at the time it was made(Family Matter, Full House)It stands the test of time pretty well.
  • Not the Momma! Hilarious at times, touching at others, and sometimes boring.

    I loved this show for the most part. It had a very satirical sense of humor similar to The Simpsons. Baby Sinclair was the reason everyone watched this show, and not surprisingly, the episodes that focused on him were usually the best and funniest. However, since he and the father Earl were the main characters, whenever they weren't around it was easy to lose focus and get bored watching the show. Although the other characters in the family were well developed, they just didn't grab your attention the way the Baby and Earl did. However, this show is still worth checking out just for the Baby alone, since he was the cutest thing since Gizmo. They ought to release a Best of the Baby dvd collection, since most of the time the other stuff wasn't as entertaining.
  • Needs To Be A DVD

    Out of all shows i remember watching as a child this one has to be the biggest classic. The most memorable character being "Baby" who always hit his father with a frying pan. He even wrote a song about it. Its pure fun for kids and in you later years.
  • Seriously, I've seen every episode and loved every one. If I was given the ability to put any show or movie on dvd right now it would be Dinosaurs. Come on!! All episodes on DVD!!! It'd only be an amazing product that would sell out in seconds.

    Seriously, I've seen every episode and loved every one. If I was given the ability to put any show or movie on dvd right now it would be Dinosaurs. Come on!! All episodes on DVD!!! It'd only be an amazing product that would sell out in seconds. -- I tried emailing the Henson co. about putting them on dvd and they replied saying - if i can rememeber correctly - that Buena Vista had the rights over it, but never got around to emailing them..I should...everybody should.
  • Bring it back on tv or put on DVD

    From when I was little I didnt remember many shows, but I did remember this one. It was funny, cute and very entertaining. Never knew why they cancelled it. Just one of those shows that I will never forget.I wish it would come out on DVD or back on tv.
  • this show rules it woz my childhood, get it out on DVD, it\'s the best show ever!!!!!!

    this show was an amasing comedy for the whole family, fathers and daugthers etc. sat down to watch it religously every week. dinosaurs funny plots and hilariously insane characters kept the viewers entertained and engrosed through out the series. their was a character to appeale to everyone, a family of dinosaus consisting of 2 teenages a girl and a boy. A mother and father, Earl and Fran. A hipoactive baby, Spike, who went crazy and hit his father over the head with a frying pan yelling \"Not the Mama!!\" continuously, very amusing to watch. Over all the whole show was a complete success and i\'m sure many people agree with me that, \"It should be brought back imediatlly!!!\" and i really mean that.
  • Dinosaurs = small brains, big laughts

    this show is a classic. It is a very funny show and it's a shame there aren't so many episodes. the dinosaurs are shown as an parody on the modern family, and it actually reminds a little about Simpsons - they all sit in front of the tv, it's their best friend. The show also have a great humor, and there are frases that are in almost every episode - fx "I'm the baby, gotta love me" and "I'm the mighty megalausourus" are fraces that said a lot of times, it's like Homers D'OH!
    I hope that this show comes on DVD, and I wish it would continue, it could get as high a status as Simpsons, Flintstones or other animated comedy shows...
  • an awsome show

    its the best show ever!!!! i totally grew up with this show and i love it like crazy. it would be so cool if it came back on tv or DVD. yeah DVD!! it should be on dvd!! the totall an hilarious show. I LOVE IT! So does my sister
  • Dinosaurs was innovative and cutting-edge. Dinosaurs exaggerated family life and made you think and laugh at the same time – much like the Simpsons.

    Dinosaurs was innovative and cutting-edge. Dinosaurs exaggerated family life and made you think and laugh at the same time – much like the Simpsons. Dinosaur creators personalized a dinosaur family and the daily issues of prehistoric life. The very funny show ended on a very somber tone – the community’s seemingly innocuous act of destroying an animal habitat started a chain of events that led to the Dinosaurs extinction. It was a very creative show. I would love to have it on DVD to be able to watch it again!
  • I love this show because "I'm the baby gotta love me!"

    This show is awesome!Every day for like 2 years i would be home watching this show. it is like one of the best shows I've ever seen in my whole 13 years of life!I love it when the baby hits people with the frying pan.My favorite episode is the one were the baby sings "I'm the baby gotta love me."
  • Dinosaurs

    This show is one of the greatest of all time because it is really funny. You got all these talking dinosaurs which is completely funny. I haven't seen this show in years but I vagually remember it and it still will remain funny despite the show getting cancelled and gone.
  • Bring it back, Bring it BACK!

    i loved dinosaurs it was awsome i havent watched it since i was younge but i remember watching it with the whole family and im not sure why it got taken off the air put it back on.

    It was awsome it had the humor like the simpsons but its was amazingly done and don\\\'t get me wrong i love the simpsons but dinosaurs was a classic!

    Thank heaven... it is coming... Dinosaurs fans put May 2nd, 2006 on your calenders cuz one of the best shows ever is finally coming to DVD!!! This is for real, no joke. It comes in a four disc box set including the first and second seasons!!! YEAH! I'll say it again and it certainly won't be the last time: "Not the Momma!"
  • Overall i want the show to come back and i want it on video...it was awesome and i can still remember it even though it was like 10 years ago.

    I really loved this show. It was amazing and I want it to come back on television now!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blah blah blah i don't know how to fill the space...but i want dinosaurs...more earl...more baby..."I'm the baby got to love me!" OHHH ya i want baby...AND i also think you should mass market the dad's lunch box because i would totatly buy it. I can't believe it was only a 3 year run...that was so sad and I want it to come back...hilariously Funny..Robbie was funny...Fran was mellow and chill...Charline was hip and cool...was even my role model at times. The baby was my inner spirit...without the baby in my life I don't know what I can do. The boss bj made me vomit orange profusely...but it was way awesome anyway.
    can you believe that Jessica simpson and Nick have broken up??
  • amazingly funny, loveable characters and all around great show!

    This show had the best characters hands down! I remember watching this show as a kid with my twin sister, we even had the tapes with the songs on them. I would love to see re-runs of it on tv, and put on DVD, I'm sure it would sell! The creators of this show had there work cut out for them, as well as the voice actors. They did an amazing job! All the characters added to the humor of this show very well!
  • i loved this show please bring it back

    i loved this show it was the best. you've got to bring it back my whole family was wondering what happend to it.there has never been a such a great family television show like this one,it was the only show that my whole family could agree on and the only time we actually was all together just to watch our favorite show it would be so cool if it came back on so i could watch it with my children its the greatest family television show ive ever known my whole family to enjoy so please i beg you BRING IT BACK
  • Bring it Back!

    Bring it back very soon please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love that show and it needs to come back again. I miss the baby saying,"Not The Mama" If they can bring it back on TV then at least come out with a box dvd set of all the shows! I will be the first on in line to buy it
  • Dinosaurs will never be extinct

    This show is a classic in everyway, coming from the mind of the late, great, Jim Henson.

    It's about a family of dinosaurs named the Sinclairs learning how to live their everyday lives in a 90's style atmosphere.

    Each episode had a moral connected to it. Period. Plus each one was funny as hell. I wish my station would show reruns, cause like I said before, this show will never die.
  • A Good show with funny moments.

    I used to watch this. It's about a Dinosaur Family named The Sinclairs. This was Created by Jim Henson, it was released like a year after he died, his son Brian Henson took over for him. I used to enjoy this, Earl is pretty funny, he reminds me of Fred Flinstone for some reason. But i think Baby is funny, he's kind of a Brat who gets in trouble a lot. Fran, Charlene and Robbie are cool too. I think that could have ended up as King, Grandma Eythil was funny, it was funny Earl was afraid of her. B.P. kind of remined me of Mr. Spacely/Mr. Slate like guy. I enjoyed this, it's sad that Disney and ABC cancelled it.

  • Thank goodness they finally brought this great show out on DVD. I can hardly wait to get my copy.

    This is the kind of show that everyone in your family can watch. The kids loved it, my husband loved it and so did I. I am so glad that they are making it available to this generation now. There were many lessons that can be learned from this show.
  • This series should be on DVD!

    Before King of the Hill and Family Guy, Dinosaurs was the best TV series ever to run up besides The Simpsons as a hit Family Show in prime time. With all of the TV series from the 80's and 90's coming back out on DVD Set, this series would be a big hit.
  • This show was GREAT!

    As a 5 year old girl of the 90's, I absolutely loved Dinosaurs. It was my favorite TGIF show. I never would miss an episode. I was really glad when it came on Disney Channel for awhile. My favorite character was the Baby. I loved when he kept hitting Earl on the head with a frying pan or a rolling pin. And I loved his expressions of "Not the mama!" and "I'm the baby. Gotta love me!" I wish this show could come out on DVD some day, or could come back to television. Dinosaurs was a really funny show.
  • Good when I was a kid

    A satirical series, it has the atmosphere of the Flintstones and The Honeymooners but with modern satire comparable to the Simpsons.
    Earl Sinclair is a blue collar dad, the lovable lug that always has snappy things to say. He is a tree-pusher and a man with wisdom of the world. Yet, he gets clunked with a frying pan by his infant son nearly all the time. He goes down on the floor uttering "That didn't hurt a bit!".
    Though I loved the show when I was a kid and watched it every week, looking back it has lost some of it's luster. Still a good show though.
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