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  • scary dinosaurs

    i hated this show! it scared me so bad with the scary dinos! and the mean old baby! i hated every time it came on! but my siblings loved it and they were older so they got to keep it there. i think it used to make me cry with its scaryness! and it wasnt a good scary like scary movies it was a bad scared! it was really the dad and the baby that freaked me out the most, even seeing their pictures brings back that fear! i was only five when the show ended, that might be why it scared me so much. but i think even if i saw it now i still wouldnt like it.
  • About prehistoric dinosaur family living just like humans do-going to school, work, dating and basically doing the typical everyday things that most humans do. This show was set in the days before humans even existed and were thought about at all. This sh

    I remember this show. I can't believe that I used to watch this show. What was I thinking about? I don't know what I saw in this show and why I even bothered watching this. This is a show that clearly doesn't need to come back. I don't want to relive the days of this show.
  • I think this was that show that was about puppet dinosaurs that lived in prehistoric times. I believe it was on disney, and it was on every day. It was one of those show that you did not want to watch but there was nothing else on.

    I hated this piece of garbage with a passion. It was just about some puppet dinosaur family that did nothing, and i bleieve john goodman in it, but i could be totally wrong about this one. I gave this show a .7 because there was nothing good about to me, but this is just my opinion of the show.
  • I miss this show so much!

    I remember watching this show with my little sister who was only about five years old at the time. She adored the show and got me into it. I loved it so much. I was about 19 the last time I saw it on the Disney Channel. I can't believe it's gone. It was so cute and funny. I loved Robby and Baby Sinclair. Robby was hot! Yeah, I had a little crush on him. Silly, I know, but I was a teenager. And Baby Sinclair was just the CUTEST little!!! His cute wittle face and that cute little squeaky voice! I loved him so much! He was so silly and sweet.

    I really wish I could watch this show again. I miss it so much.
  • cool

    a show about a family of dinosaurs. they have a crazy family including the very very very very very very very very very very funny baby who is always causong tons of trouble. it also shows the life of the other dinosaurs in the town including the family's friends and the dad's co workers and boss. it is a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very funny show that watched i all the time when i was younger and i wish they would bring it back. it rocked. i loved it. it was very very very very very cool.
  • i really liked watching this show when i was a kid it was funny.

    the show dinosaures is about a family that is dinosaoure like sorta a comdedy family show but with dinosaoures it has the dad who is like a construction worker and the baby and the mommy. its a funny show and had some really good stories to them like the baby would repeated every ep bash the father over the head with a pan and the father would get angrey the mother was always doing the cooking and other things. but it was a good show i thought that . and had alot of good funny moments like any other sitcom but this one had dinosaoures in it.
  • Dinosaurs is a show about a prehistoric family.

    When I was a kid in grade school, Dinosaurs was one of my favorite shows. It was different than just watching a cartoon. The sinclair family is funny. The Dad, Earl who had a career as a tree pusher, which looks like a construction worker. The Mom, Fran is a house mom who takes care of the Baby, who everyone Loves because you gotta love the baby. The oldest son Robbie, a teenager who has a mo-hawk and deals with typical everyday things at school. The daughter Charlene who is also a young teenager going to school. Finally you have mostly everyones favorite character the baby! They are a normal family sitcom, just dinosaurs. One of my favorite things of the show is how they show the human caveman as an idiot who will never develop smarts. This was amzing when I was a kid and enjoyed it to the fullest!
  • i think this is good. i think i saw it 2 years ago. tell me how it is?

    I heven’t really watched this show. I received a DVD with the complete first season of this show. I really think it’s a good show by the cover, honestly I don’t know how good it is, so I give it an 8 because that’s what it looks like. You need to te e e e l l l me how good it is A.S.A.P and be friends with me and tell me what I should contribute for. I need to know badly. It looks like it would be funny and good. bottom line: tell me what this show is about and i'll review for real after i see it on tue
  • Not the Momma! Hilarious at times, touching at others, and sometimes boring.

    I loved this show for the most part. It had a very satirical sense of humor similar to The Simpsons. Baby Sinclair was the reason everyone watched this show, and not surprisingly, the episodes that focused on him were usually the best and funniest. However, since he and the father Earl were the main characters, whenever they weren't around it was easy to lose focus and get bored watching the show. Although the other characters in the family were well developed, they just didn't grab your attention the way the Baby and Earl did. However, this show is still worth checking out just for the Baby alone, since he was the cutest thing since Gizmo. They ought to release a Best of the Baby dvd collection, since most of the time the other stuff wasn't as entertaining.
  • Acutally really funny

    This show was actually pretty funny now that I look at it now, when it was on I thought it was a lame simpsons ripoff but it u could say that family guy(one of my favorites)ripped off of this!!! A fat stupid father, A nice understanding wife, The Awkward teen daughter, even the crazy talking baby. As I said I happen to come across the show on dvd and have been watching it ever since, while not bust-a-gut funny it does have it's moments and compared to the other crap on at the time it was made(Family Matter, Full House)It stands the test of time pretty well.
  • Good when I was a kid

    A satirical series, it has the atmosphere of the Flintstones and The Honeymooners but with modern satire comparable to the Simpsons.
    Earl Sinclair is a blue collar dad, the lovable lug that always has snappy things to say. He is a tree-pusher and a man with wisdom of the world. Yet, he gets clunked with a frying pan by his infant son nearly all the time. He goes down on the floor uttering "That didn't hurt a bit!".
    Though I loved the show when I was a kid and watched it every week, looking back it has lost some of it's luster. Still a good show though.
  • I miss it!

    I am very very happy that I grew up in the '90s or else I probably would have never heard of this show. It made me giggle like a little girl when I was a little girl and now that I'm older I still giggle like a little girl at this show.

    I have some of the old tapes from when they came out on VHS, oh so many years. I stumbled across them when me and my friend were bored and looking for something entertaining to watch. I remember loving the show from when I was little but once I put that tape in I began loving the show as a teenager.

    It's hilarious. The line I remember and love the most is "my family loves him so much, my wife calls him honey and my kids call him daddy". I can't remember the episode or the guy that said, all I can remember is the quote and it being about the boss man.

    If you haven't seen this show then you should definitely find a way to see it all.
  • totally loved this show!

    another one of my childhood treasures...although..for some odd reason... reminds me of french fries lol

    i guess what i liked most was the family scenes lol

    soemtimes i did't get the story, maybe because i was too young. also, the people living in the fridge scared the heck out of me and confused me.

    although all of this was quite annoying i really loved it, because the stories were cool.

    i remenber i had a puzzle of this show xD!

    i guess this is a good program for you too see but if you are like me it might confuse you a little, but i really recommend people to whatch it, a classic.
  • This was one of the great shows of the 90's they should of kept longer then they did!

    I liked this show a lot because the show was kind of Redneckish except with Dinosaurs as the Rednecks which I thought was pretty cool and they did a good job of making it look realistic too. There's one thing that I wish they would've done and that is kept it on the air longer then they did it would've been a long running show if they had giving it a chance that's for sure! I hope they come out with another show like this in the near future that would be extremely cool to see that! YEEHAW! I Liked watching this show when it was on!
  • G O O D F A M I L Y S H O W

    This is a great family show , I bought the first two seasons on dvd and its as cute as I remember it being from my childhood , I think I enjoyed the show more as a child than I do now as an adult but if you have kids and your looking for a nice family show to watch together this would be a good one to pick !
  • Another JIm Henson hit!

    Many ep (00)
  • A Good show with funny moments.

    I used to watch this. It's about a Dinosaur Family named The Sinclairs. This was Created by Jim Henson, it was released like a year after he died, his son Brian Henson took over for him. I used to enjoy this, Earl is pretty funny, he reminds me of Fred Flinstone for some reason. But i think Baby is funny, he's kind of a Brat who gets in trouble a lot. Fran, Charlene and Robbie are cool too. I think that could have ended up as King, Grandma Eythil was funny, it was funny Earl was afraid of her. B.P. kind of remined me of Mr. Spacely/Mr. Slate like guy. I enjoyed this, it's sad that Disney and ABC cancelled it.

  • OMG I used to love this when I was in Kindergarten!

    I recently watched a DVD of this! I totally miss the good old days in Kindergarten where I used to watch this! And now I know why I started thinking of it whenever I watched Ninja Turtles Next Mutation because it looked so much like this! I used to really love this show - I had the lunch box and everything! Baby and Robbie are the funniest, and Earl's friend from work reminds me of Ryan Stiles - a big stick with a big nose!
  • Seriously, I've seen every episode and loved every one. If I was given the ability to put any show or movie on dvd right now it would be Dinosaurs. Come on!! All episodes on DVD!!! It'd only be an amazing product that would sell out in seconds.

    Seriously, I've seen every episode and loved every one. If I was given the ability to put any show or movie on dvd right now it would be Dinosaurs. Come on!! All episodes on DVD!!! It'd only be an amazing product that would sell out in seconds. -- I tried emailing the Henson co. about putting them on dvd and they replied saying - if i can rememeber correctly - that Buena Vista had the rights over it, but never got around to emailing them..I should...everybody should.
  • I loved this show as a kid...although I dont remember it 100% I do remember the baby and how funny it was. Wish it was brought back now so I could actually remember the episodes...

    Well even though they arent going to bring it back at least they realized they should release the show on DVDs and I cant wait till my order gets in because I ordered both DVDs for the series which includes all 4 seasons of the series...I suggest any fan of the show to go out and buy them. The second set for the third and forth seasons just came out a few days ago so you should certainly be in line to buy it. :) Well like I said, this show was great in many ways...funny, creative, unique and just all around entertaining. I wish I would have recorded it back then so I could have watched it again much earlier than now but I am so glad they decided to put it on DVD....man when is that freakin package getting here!!!
  • I remember this show

    I was just looking at another forum on this website when I saw that this show was coming out on dvd. Thats when I remembered that I used to watch this show on tv. I really liked this show and it was really good. Now that I hear the dvds are coming out I might go buy them. I didn;t even know the name of this show but now that I do I am glad that I found out. This show is a good show for kids who like dinosaurs and who like funny things. Overall this is one of the best children tv shows ever.
  • Gotta love the baby

    I have the First and Second Season of Dinosaurs on dvd and I'm going out today and buying the last seasons. I miss the show and even my boyfriend does and he is 37 years old. I wish they would have given it one more chane. The show was such a great one that it would be nice to see more shows like that on tv compared to what is on tv these days. Yes I do like some of them but I would like to be able to sit down and watch tv shows with my bf and our kids.
  • Great show everybody can enjoy.

    When Dinosaurs first aired, I was very young, so I didn't see but maybe the last season. However, now that they've started to release them on DVD, I'm hooked.

    Dinosaurs was way ahead of its time, in that they presented a family, much in the style of your garden-variety family sitcom, but they rolled back the clock 60 million years. They have many problems similar to the ones you would see elsewhere, only adapted to a dinosaurs point of view.

    The humor in this show is what really sets this show apart. There is an equal mix of political satire, slapstick, and genuinely funny and sharp wit. Many of the laughs are provided by Baby Sinclair, who can say just one word and have you rolling with his impressive repertoire of catchphrases.

    I highly recommend this show for any sitcom fan.
  • Fun and decent show

    It's kinda sad how TV shows nowadays don't make these kinds of shows, like this one.
  • Dinosaurs is one of the funniest shows ever!

    Ah yes... I loved this show. All the characters were likeable and I especially loved the baby. I like the part were Baby Sinclair is hitting Earl in the head with the frying pan shouting, "NOT THE MAMA!!" I thought it was hilarious and I laughed so hard. Every time I see the baby hit Earl with the frying pan, I just couldn't help but to laugh. I am so recommending this show to everyone. If you see a DVD copy of Dinosaurs anywhere like Amazon or Wal-Mart, then I imply to you that you should buy it.
  • Dinosaurs is the greatest TV show ever. Its halarious. And this contains both the First season (5 episodes) and the second season. And they are Fantastic.

    Meet the sinclairs - the funniest family in 60 million yeahrs! Theyere just your average family with on BIG difference. They are dinosaurs, living the good life in sixty million and three B.C.!

    Daddy Earl, his wife Fran, their kids Robbie, Charlene and the baby, and feisty Grandma Ethyl bringing a halarious Jurassic twist to daily life as they eat, drink, make merry and get their kicks watching cavemen rub rocks togeather.

    Dinosaurs is the greatest TV show ever. Its halarious. And this contains both the First season (5 episodes) and the second season. And they are Fantastic.
  • Why did they cancel this show?!

    I love this show! It was funny. It was informative. It was a good way to learn, and it was so cool! Oh! Did I forget to mention it was cute? Yeah! I guess I did! Well, I'll mention it! It's CUTE! My absolute favorite character in this show was Baby Sinclair! Man I loved him! Sure he was a wild child, but he had a very sweet, kind, and loving side to him. He was so funny and so so smart! He was always the life of the party! Yeah, he always made me smile. I love Baby Sinclair! He was so cute! Man I'm lucky I found wav files on the Internet so I can listen to his voice again! Who ever ended the show in the first place, please bring the show back, and post it when you do! Pretty please?!
  • I remember watching this show when I was little!

    lol, how couldn't I forget this show?! I loved this show when I was that young! It was indeed funny and I laugh so harder afterwards!

    but, I don't remember the final season, tho. but, I'd be very glad to buy this dvd and see it all over again..to be knowingly that I have missed almost rest of it.

    I'm very glad to write the episodes reviews for this! I can't wait to do it!

    althought..it was very sad when I see that show left walt disney. I wish there was dinosaurs movie..! It would be wonderful!
  • This show was GREAT!

    As a 5 year old girl of the 90's, I absolutely loved Dinosaurs. It was my favorite TGIF show. I never would miss an episode. I was really glad when it came on Disney Channel for awhile. My favorite character was the Baby. I loved when he kept hitting Earl on the head with a frying pan or a rolling pin. And I loved his expressions of "Not the mama!" and "I'm the baby. Gotta love me!" I wish this show could come out on DVD some day, or could come back to television. Dinosaurs was a really funny show.
  • This series should be on DVD!

    Before King of the Hill and Family Guy, Dinosaurs was the best TV series ever to run up besides The Simpsons as a hit Family Show in prime time. With all of the TV series from the 80's and 90's coming back out on DVD Set, this series would be a big hit.
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