Dinosaurs - Season 1

ABC (ended 1994)




Episode Guide

  • The Howling
    Episode 5
    It's time for the big howl for the next dinosaur generation, but Robbie questions howling as a rite of passage. Earl forces Robbie to do the howling but Robbie still doesn't see the reason why he should howl, when he goes to the top of the mountain to get ready for his howl, he refuses to howl and knows that nothing is going to happen. Meanwhile, Earl's friendship with Roy becomes less than stable when the two fight over after Roy was actually eating his own food and minding his own business that causes Earl to be very selfish and vulnerable.moreless
  • High Noon
    Episode 4
    Earl's blood runs colder and outraged when a monstrous male who notices Fran in the supermarket challenges him to a fight to the death for her. Earl believes he has no choice but to accept the challenge. The battle later takes place in front of his house. Earl quickly attacks hims and Fran stops everything telling Gary to stay away from her, her family and her life.moreless
  • Hurling Day
    Episode 3
    Earl gleefully awaits "Hurling Day" when he'll have the ritual honor of heaving his mother-in-law into the tar pits, but Robbie thinks the tradition should be chucked.
  • The Mating Dance
    Episode 2
    Fran feels very depressed after staying up all night trying to keep Baby from being awake and trying to get him to go to sleep. That morning, Baby went to sleep and Fran was outraged and upset that she did not get enough sleep. Later, Earl and Roy try to find out what's wrong with Fran's life and they believe that if she wasn't with the children she would have a perfect life. Later, Fran goes to her mothers to spend some time with her, while Earl tries to make dinner. Fran then comes home to tell Earl that there is definitely something wrong in her life. When Earl watches TV, he thinks that the only way to cheer Fran up again is to perform the mating dance.moreless
  • 4/26/91
    In the first episode of the series, Earl Sinclair talks to his newborn son about how his life was before Baby was born. He talks to him about the stress between his family and how his wife, Fran Sinclair, had been dealing with a lot of troubles and situations over the past. Earl also talks about how he wanted his boss, B.P. Richfield, to give him a first raise.moreless
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