Dinosaurs - Season 3

ABC (ended 1994)




Episode Guide

  • The Clip Show II
    Episode 22
    Another one of the infomercial for a home course in how to become a paleontologist is supplemented by clips from previous episodes. Featuring the past clips from Season 2 to Season 3.
  • 5/9/93
    After feeling ignored from Fran and Earl, Charlene grabs the attention of her family and other audiences with her amazing performing humans. After Hank Hilber helps Charlene to take her performance to more audiences, Robbie tells her that she's mistreating them. When she later appears on the State Fair, Hank asks her to do something she cannot.moreless
  • We Are Not Alone
    Episode 20
    Robbie gets discouraged with trying to convince Earl to help save the environment. He decides to pose as a space alien to convince Earl to do his part, but Earl goes a little too far. He quits his job at the WeSaySo Corporation and goes into saving the Earth full time.moreless
  • If You Were a Tree
    Episode 19
    In this fairy tale episode, Ethyl tells Baby a story about Earl, who has his soul switched with a tree after being struck by lightning. The Spirit of the Tree tries to convince everyone to save the tree that Earl is in, but no one wants to listen.
  • Dirty Dancin'
    Episode 18
    When overwhelming urges to do the mating dance arise in Robbie, Earl prefers not to discuss it, but Fran waltzes into Robbie's classroom to educate the kids about it.
  • Swamp Music
    Episode 17
    Robbie crosses over to the swamps and gets sold on the mammals' "swamp music," but they're liable to be sold out in a dinosaur record deal, which Robbie orchestrated.
  • 2/19/93
    Feeling a need to have a job outside the home, Fran goes to work at a halfway house for amphibians, leaving Earl to take over the household day shift and look after the kids.
  • Steroids to Heaven
    Episode 15
    Earl gives Robbie a workout plan for him to get larger and woo the pretty Caroline, who likes another large dinosaur, Dolf. Robbie decides to do as Dolf does, eat 'thornoids'. Robbie grows in size and strength and the more he grows, so does his temper, which eventually leads him to alienate everyone, including Caroline.moreless
  • 2/5/93
    After knocking the daylights out of Earl with a frying pan, Baby stars in commercials, putting the Sinclairs into the show-biz spotlight. Earl is fired by the studio and Fran continues to get more into the Hollywood lifestyle, neglecting Earl. After Fran realizes that Earl has finally become close to Monica, now that she is never home, it gets her to reconsider Baby's new 'career'.moreless
  • Green Card
    Episode 13
    The government blames the poor economy on four-legged dinosaurs and enacts anti-four-legged laws. In order for Monica to stay in the land of Pangaea, the laws require her to be married to a two-legged dinosaur. Roy, who loves Monica, is happy to oblige. The only problems are Earl and the WeSaySo corporation, who no longer want Roy around.moreless
  • Getting to Know You
    Episode 12
    Charlene is surprised to see that Earl brings his friends from work to celebrate her birthday party. Charlene decides to leave the family to join another one as part of a student-exchange program. A French bird name Francois lives with the Sinclairs, until he's eaten by Baby. Francois' parents arrive to take him home and explain they also had bad luck with Charlene.moreless
  • The Son Also Rises
    Episode 11
    Earl and Robbie have a big argument. Grandma Ethyl tells Robbie a story that leads him to challenge Earl to the 'Pit Of Death' match which decides the Male head of household. Robbie wins but his new role isn't what he expects it to be.
  • Wilderness Weekend
    Episode 10
    Earl, Robbie and Baby Sinclair and the other males go out camping for a "Wilderness Weekend" to experience the male supremacy and primal hunting. Unfortunately, their weekend gets interrupted by a giant monster that plans to eat them. Meanwhile, Fran, Ethyl, Monica and the other females are having fun doing stuff that the men do when around the house.moreless
  • 12/4/92
    When Charlene's class is assigned to think of an original idea, she is visited by a Muse who tells her the world is round. After announcing the theory in class, she's arrested for heresy. After being condemned to death in court, she's sentenced to be thrown off the edge of the world. She returns home after circling the earth, thus proving her theory correct.moreless
  • License to Parent
    Episode 8
    After Earl fails a Parent Education class, his parenting license is suspended. He becomes furious that Fran calls all of the shots, until Parent Patrol Officer Bettleheim shows up and suspends Fran's as well.
  • Hungry for Love
    Episode 7
    Robbie starts dating B.P. Richfield's daughter, Wendy. Earl sees it as an opportunity to get closer to Richfield, and finds himself being treated great at work. When Robbie decides to break up with Wendy over a school rumor, Earl demands he apologize to Richfield himself. Little does everyone know that Richfield's plan is to eat Robbie.moreless
  • Germ Warfare
    Episode 6
    Earl gives Baby a dirty pacifier, which in turns makes him very sick. The Sinclairs visit a doctor who charges a lot of money for medicine that doesn't work. Grandma Ethyl insists they take Baby to Zabar, the man in the woods.
  • Little Boy Boo
    Episode 5
    Charlene has a play, and rather than go, Robbie decides to babysit Baby. Baby behaves badly and scares Robbie by faking choking. Robbie decides to get him back at telling him a scary story about a caveman monster, and the two of them inadvertently start the first Halloween.
  • The Discovery
    Episode 4
    At the 'WESAYSO 10th Annual Employee Golf Tournament', Earl knocks a golf ball into a land where no dinosaur has gone, the edge of the known world. He claims this uncharted land as his own and soon discovers the land is inhabited by cavemen. B.P. Richfield convinces Earl to build a thriving Metropolis while Robbie tries to convince Earl the cavemen deserve respect. In the end, Earl is convinced to concede the land back to the cavemen when Robbie and Baby are kidnapped and a tax collector shows up.moreless
  • Network Genius
    Episode 3
    After test screening new television shows for a shady network, Earl becomes Vice President of Programming. He introduces shows like "The Test Pattern" and "The Happy Colors Show," making viewers stupid. When IQ levels drop so low that civilization as a whole becomes threatened, Earl must find a way to smarten up his shows, as well as his viewers.moreless
  • Baby Talk
    Episode 2
    Baby repeats a dirty word heard on the television. Despite Fran's efforts to correct Baby's language, he continues to use it in the wrong places, at the wrong time. Earl organizes a civic protest against the TV Powers to remove the use of foul language on television.
  • Nature Calls
    Episode 1
    Now were in the 3rd Season of the series, as Fran tells Earl that she's changed every diaper in the past 15 years and now it's time for him to the responsibilities. But Earl doesn't feel the energy to do so, so instead after failing to change the diaper, Earl decides to make Baby go potty-training. Fran thinks it will take a long time, but Earl still insists that he should get the proper training quickly. Baby refuses to except these training changes, Earl keeps on trying but Baby has had enough and runs away in Ethyl's wheelchair into going into the wilderness. Where he is later captures by a big bird monster which puts him on her nest and waits for her little hatchlings to hatch so that they can eat him, Earl and Robbie immediately come to rescue him, and after the Baby jumps from the next, Earl promises to let the Baby decide when he's ready to go potty-training.moreless
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