Dinosaurs - Season 4

ABC (ended 1994)




Episode Guide

  • Georgie Must Die
    Episode 14
    After Earl destroys Baby's Georgie tape, Baby continuously screams to see his favorite character. "Georgie, Georgie, Georgie!" Earl realizes that he sounds just like Georgie, and decides to try and trick Baby into believing that he's Georgie by wearing a costume. It works, until it lands him in jail.
  • Into the Woods
    Episode 13
    Earl decides to continue a male dinosaur tradition. Earl takes Baby out to the forest and sits him on a stone, with the hopes that he will take care of himself and find his way home. Unfortunately, Earl, Roy and Robbie end up in a tar pit, leaving Baby the only one able to help. Finding an elderly dinosaur who is seeking his now grown son he left in the woods, Baby comes to the rescue just as the boys are about to completely sink in the tar. Roy is not aware that their rescuer just happens to be his father.moreless
  • Working Girl
    Episode 12
    Charlene looks for a job after Earl refuses to give her the money she needs for a summer trip. Charlene just happens to be in the right place at the right time and finally lands a job... as Earl's boss!
  • After exhausted dinosaurs start dying from overwork, vacation is invented. WeSaySo Corp. opens WeSaySoLand to give the employees a theme park to spend their vacations, and their money. After being unable to leave the park, Fran shows the family that they can have fun together and do things as a family.moreless
  • 9.1

    Earl makes a deal with the "devil" after watching a late night show, "Lifestyles of Those We Envy" to earn the Captain Willie mug in exchange for his soul.

  • Earl and Pearl
    Episode 9
    Earl steams up when his sister Pearl, who only comes around once in 15 years, shows up to see the Baby. She's a country folk singer and invites Robbie and Charlene to the Bunkin' Bronto to hear her sing, Earl forbids it, but they go anyway. Down there, Roy meets Pearl and falls head over heels for her, but Earl forbids him to be in love with her, claiming she walked out on the whole family. Pearl explains to the kids when their father died, Earl dropped out of school to become a tree pusher and support their mother, and she packed up and left to pursue a singing career, and a rodeo clown named Buttons, and Earl never forgave her for walking out. Roy starts to see more of Earl in Pearl when he tries to kiss her and walks out, Pearl invites the whole family down to the Bunkin' Bronto for one last performance, and asks her baby brother to come up on stage for a duet that explains her apology.moreless
  • Scent of a Reptile
    Episode 8
    Charlene finds she's becoming a woman as she's developed her female scent from a bump on her neck. She hears that Earl married Fran because her scent was that of a new car. Charlene lucks out on finding any boy wanting to be with her because her scent is so vile, every boy avoids her, except the school janitor, who wishes to marry her. Charlene is anxious to change her scent by any means neccesary to get out of marrying, for which she gets help from Ethyl.moreless
  • Changing Nature
    Episode 7
    In this final episode of the series, the Dinosaurs have caused a series of events leading to doomsday and the extinction of the species. In true Sinclair fashion, the family sticks together until the end.
  • Terrible Twos
    Episode 6
    It's Baby's second birthday, and the terrible two's kick in, turning Baby evil. Earl and Fran try different methods to correct his behavior and eventually have to turn to Ethyl to find a way to stop the madness.
  • Earl's Big Jackpot
    Episode 5
    Earl becomes injured after a tree falls on his foot at work. Robbie tricks him into going to court and suing the WESAYSO Corp. Earl wins and receives a large cash settlement, only WESAYSO is forced to raise prices and fire it's workers.
  • Driving Miss Ethyl
    Episode 4
    Earl must drive Ethyl to her high school reunion, and the kids drive Fran crazy when she tries to get them to pose for a family portrait.
  • 6/22/94
    Fundamental questions about the meaning of existence plague the population, so the Elders dictate a belief system called "Potatoism," which Robbie thinks is just plain nuts.
  • 6/8/94
    Earl assumes the powers of a superhero and intends to put them to good use, but he's powerless before the Wesayso Corp., to which he's contractually bound to use his might.
  • 6/1/94
    After watching a scary monster movie with Earl and Robbie, Baby starts to fear a monster under his bed. Earl and Fran stay up to keep Baby company, but they lose a lot of sleep and decide to go to a motel. This leaves Robbie and Charlene to watch Baby. The monster turns out to be real when it pulls Charlene into it's underground cave. Robbie goes down there to save Charlene from the monster named Decker.moreless
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