Season 2 Episode 11

Switched At Birth

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Nov 27, 1991 on ABC



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  • Quotes

    • Fran: (crying) "My baby has been taken from me!"
      Earl: (frantic) "Cake! cake! cake! cake!"
      Charlene: (enters with cake) "Here you go, mom."
      Fran: (crazed) "I want the knife! GIVE ME THE KNIFE!"

    • Fran: (angry) "If you let our baby walk out that door I'll BITE YOUR FACE OFF!"
      Earl: "Well you can't argue with that logic. Well you could but it would be hard to without lips."

    • Glenda: (About Baby) People must be warned. That child is totally, totally horrible!
      Earl: Well, he does have high spirits.
      Glenna: He spit up all over the carpet.
      Earl: What toddler hasn't?
      Glenda: After eating the cat!
      Aubrey: Eww.

    • (Fran enters and turns off the televison that is playing a loud music video)
      Fran: It's too loud! And I don't like the values they portray.
      Robbie: Mom, you're overreacting.
      Baby: Beer! Cigarettes! Chicks!
      Robbie: He could of heard that anywhere.

    • Gus: Hey, how you doing? Gus Molehill, gotta love me! Gotta love me! [laughing]

    • Robbie: Stop it! You're adults, can't you settle this like adults?
      Earl: What, weapons?
      Gus Molehill: Costly litigation?
      Robbie: No, Solomon the Great.

    • Fran: (to Earl) I don't care what science says...I don't care what YOU say...
      (Glenda Molehill comes in pushing Baby Sinclair)
      Glenda: I want MY baby back!

    • Earl: Where is he?
      Baby: (singing) Take me out to the ball game.
      Earl: He's taunting me, Fran, keep that kid away from me!

    • Robbie: If you switched eggs, that means we could have...the wrong baby!

    • Gus: I think it's pretty obvious what happened here, Earl. I got your kid, you got mine, guess we got our eggs scrambled!

    • Gus: (looks at Fran) You must be the momma, so that makes you (looks at Earl) NOT THE MOMMA!

  • Notes

    • (My Comment): I remember seeing this episode back in actually February 1998 and I could remeber when i saw a unreleased clip preview of the eggs being switched before the babies were born and hatched.

    • This episdoe is also found on VHS in the Dinosaurs Volume Collection along with "Nature Call".

  • Allusions

    • Solomon:

      The idea of someone dividing an object into two, whether it is a baby or a bike has been used in sitcoms over and over again.

      The first time it was used however, it was by King Solomon, as told in The Book of Kings in the Hebrew Bible. It's basically the same premise as the episode, except when Solomon realizes who the true mother is, she would rather give the baby up than see it harmed, he instantly gives it to her.

    • Lynyrd Skynyrd:

      When the episode starts, Robbie and Baby are watching DTV, and a music video for Lyzzard Skyzzard.

      This is a take on one of America's greatest rock bands, Lynyrd Skynyrd.