Season 2 Episode 1

The Golden Child

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Sep 18, 1991 on ABC

Episode Recap

Moving on into the second season, Fran is actually getting a little tired because she's doing household choirs as usual. When she leaves Robbie and Charlene with Baby for them to watch him and make sure that he eats his breakfast, the two run-off leaving Baby alone in the kitchen. Baby feels evilly happy and decides to sneak into the refrigerator to get some good sugar. When he gets too much sugar, Baby loses his nerves and becomes absolutely hyper after Earl and Fran walks in and sees the mess. Fran immediately takes Baby to the doctor to find the solution to the problem. But it was never solved except when Robbie and Charlene knew that he ate a lot of sugar for him to grow a golden horn. While Earl is being teased at work, Ethyl receives a scroll when a black dinosaur gives her informing Earl and Baby to meet in the Cave of Destiny. Baby then becomes a popular ruler when everyone in Pangea come to respect him. When the dinosaur in a black coat returns, he demands that the Baby comes to him in the Cave of Destiny to become a king. Fran is absolutely miserable and demands Earl to get Baby back immediately...Earl returns to the Cave of Destiny and suddenly when he touches the Baby's golden horn it comes off, believing that he will be in trouble but soon realizes that he can finally take Baby back home without the horn. The next day, the news spread that Baby's gold horn was all a hoax.