Season 2 Episode 1

The Golden Child

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Sep 18, 1991 on ABC

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  • When baby starts growing a horn he is treated like royalty.

    This episode was FUNNY!! i've got this one on video and (when i was younger)watched it over and over again.One thing i wonder about is why havn't the rest of the family grown horns or is he the only one? This episode is (as i have said) a series classic.I havn't seen much of the other episodes but i thought this one was probably one of the best.I'm sad he lost it because i thought he looked better with it.I thought it was a bit silly though and the plot line was a little bit weird but it is still a great episode and i reccommend it to everyone
  • Good Season 2 Premire

    I thought that this episode of Dinosaurs was a good Season 2 Premire. I just watched this episode yesterday on dvd and I liked it alot. This episode had some very funny lines from the baby and Earl. In this episode the baby started to grow an horn on it's head. Then some people sent a letter to the family saying that the baby was The Golden Child. The family then had to let the baby leave. Near the end of the episode Earl went to go see the baby to try to get it back and the baby's horn fell off. Then the baby got to live with the family again. Overall to me this was a very good Season 2 Premire Episode.