Season 2 Episode 18

The Last Temptation of Ethel

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Feb 12, 1992 on ABC
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Earl thinks Ethyl has died, and he takes the opportunity to bury her. But to his chagrin, she's sent back from the great beyond with the lowdown on the afterlife.

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      • Louie: They sent me here with a message, stop pushing the afterlife.
        Ethyl: But Louie, it's so beautiful up here.
        Louie: It's more beautiful where you are precious, it's more beautiful because it's life, and you only get a little bit of it, and if you don't live every day of your life to the fullest, you have an eternity to regret it.
        Ethyl: But Louie I miss you.
        Louie: I miss you too, sweetheart, but it's not your time yet.
        Ethyl: Will we be together soon?
        Louie: Soon enough cupcake, but you've gotta go back now, and quit trying to make a buck off the afterlife. Dinosaurs who sell the afterlife might not see the afterlife, they might end up someplace not so nice.

      • Charlene: Grandma, can you say something?
        Robbie: Hey look look look, I think she's coming around.
        Earl: No no no, no the hole's already dug, let's get on with it.
        Ethyl: Not so fast, fat boy. (hits Earl in the face with the shovel)
        Earl: I knew I should've cremated her.

      • Robbie: Wow Grandma, that's amazing to have pulled yourself out of all that dirt without the use of either of your legs.
        Ethyl: And the tough part was dragging the wheelchair in my teeth.
        Baby: Did you get worms and bugs up your nose?
        Robbie: Ew.

      • Ethyl: What I'm gonna do is appreciate life and love all of you.
        Fran: Aww.
        Ethyl: Starting tomorrow.
        Fran: Why not today?
        Ethyl: 'Cause today, there's a perfectly good hole in the backyard, and we're gonna bury fat boy in it.

      • Earl: Well, we buried her good and deep.
        Roy: Yeah, a lot of folks would have stopped at six feet.
        Earl: Yeah, well, a lot of folks' hearts aren't really into it.
        (both laughing)

      • Fran: Earl?
        Earl: What?
        Fran: You're watching TV in here and Mother's watching TV in there. Wouldn't it be more fun if you watched TV in the same room?
        Earl: Only if...the TV was crushing her head.

      • Fran: Oh, Mother, live a little.
        Ethyl: A little is all I got left. I don't want to waste it doing things.

      • (during The Afterlife Show)
        Choir Member: I looked to the light, and what did I see
        Entire Choir: Coming for to carry me home?
        Choir Member: I saw Ethyl in a wheelchair, comin' after me
        Entire Choir: Comin' for to carry me home.
        Give dough (give dough)
        To the Ethyl Show
        Give enough to carry you home
        Give dough (give dough)
        To the Ethyl Show
        Give enough to carry you home...

      • Earl: Frannie, life is like the tide; it...washes out the old and...washed in the new. (implying shovel) I used it to bury your mother.
        Fran: You BURIED MY MOTHER?
        Earl: Now, now Frannie, she died quite suddenly!

      • Earl: Fran, I know when somebody's dead, I'm not a complete idiot.
        (Ethyl enters the room in her wheelchair, covered in dirt and grass and moss)
        Ethyl: Guess again, fat boy!

      • Baby: I caught leeches, can I keep them?
        Fran: No honey, those are for dinner.
        Baby: Oh.
        Earl: Uh, Fran, speaking of parasites, remember when we said your mother would move in with us for the rest of her life?

      • Ethyl: Louie, am I finally good and dead?
        Louie: Not yet.
        Ethyl: Oh will you guys quit jerking my chain? I'm dead, I'm alive, I'm dead, I'm alive, if I wake up with dirt in my mouth again...

    • NOTES (1)

      • Earl's card to Fran: What can I say when I've ruined your day and made you all angry and surly? How could I make such a thoughtless mistake and bury your mother too early?

    • ALLUSIONS (4)

      • The Last Temptation of Christ:

        The title of this episode is a reference to the novel, and the 1988 film, The Last Temptaion of Christ.

      • The Untouchables

        Host: I was touched. And normally, I'm untouchable.
        Furthering the parody, the dino-host is dressed and voice to mimic Robert Stack- the host of "Unsolved Mysteries."

        This quote is a reference to Stack's role in the TV series The Untouchables

      • Televangelists

        After Ethyl introduced the concept of an Afterlife, televangelism was sure to follow.

        And it did, in the form of The Afterlife Show, which had Ethyl telling her stories from beyond, and the host then turns it into a money-making scheme to get money out of people in order for hopes of a great life after death.

      • Unsolved Mysteries

        The host of the show Mysteries that Haven't Been Solved Yet, drops by the Sinclair house to investigate Ethyl's near-death experience.

        The title of this show is quite similar to Unsolved Mysteries.