Season 1 Episode 2

The Mating Dance

Aired Friday 9:30 PM May 03, 1991 on ABC
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Fran feels very depressed after staying up all night trying to keep Baby from being awake and trying to get him to go to sleep. That morning, Baby went to sleep and Fran was outraged and upset that she did not get enough sleep. Later, Earl and Roy try to find out what's wrong with Fran's life and they believe that if she wasn't with the children she would have a perfect life. Later, Fran goes to her mothers to spend some time with her, while Earl tries to make dinner. Fran then comes home to tell Earl that there is definitely something wrong in her life. When Earl watches TV, he thinks that the only way to cheer Fran up again is to perform the mating dance.moreless

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    It was excellence. This had great art direction
  • After staying up with Baby, Fran is a nervous wreck. Earl decides to give her a break, and watches the kids. When Fran comes back, she figured out that Earl was her problem, not the kids. Earl then tries to find a way to change. Doing the Mating Dance.moreless

    This Episode was great. I love how it focuses on Fran\'s and Earl\'s relationship in a more intimate way, and yet focuses on modern day drama between families. The only thing that kind of ticked me off was Robbie and Charlene. They were extremely disrespectful, and I know that I\'m probably being a tad bit hypocritical there, but I couldn\'t help but feel bad for Earl, trying to hold the table up (even if it was his own fault), trying to help a burning Baby, and arguing with two teenagers at the moment. Fran also seemed a tad bit hard too.. I mean the way she looked at Earl when she told him he was her problem. I don\'t think that modern wives would be THAT harsh... Sometimes people are just a lil too hard on him.moreless

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    • Earl: Until your mother comes back, I'm your mother and your father.
      Charlene: Okay, Mom, can I go to a movie tonight?
      Earl: Not a chance!
      Charlene: Dad said I could.
      Earl: Uh...he really did?

    • Charlene: (looking at a critter Earl's 'cooked' for dinner) Doesn't look done to me.
      Earl: It's done, it's damn done. (dinner steals the turning fork) Hey give that back!
      Critter: Here's a tip, next time try turning on the stove.
      Robbie: So where's Mom? Do you think she had a nervous breakdown?
      Charlene: Dad says she's at Grandma's.
      Critter: Isn't that what they always tell the kids?

    • DNN Reporter: And finally, in local news, officials at the city zoo report no luck in trying to mate Ling-Ling and Chang-Chang, the two rare imported humans. Zookeepers are baffled at why two seemingly healthy cavepeople have not yet produced offspring.
      (cuts to a shot of in the zoo where two male humans are stood behind a cage.)

    • Baby: Waaaah, waaaah, I'm crying, that means I'm up!

    • Fran: It's the middle of the night.
      Baby: No concept of time, wide awake, let's dance.

    • (after practically inhaling a bottle of juice)
      Baby: I'm gonna blow up! I'm gonna blow up, ohhh I'm gonna blow! Clear!
      (Baby lets out a small burp)
      Fran: Ah.
      Baby: Ha ha ha...
      (Baby lets out a loud burp that shakes the entire house)

    • (Baby's hitting Earl on the head with his juice bottle)
      Baby: Not the Mama, not the Mama, not the Mama!
      Earl: I really wish you'd outgrow this.
      Baby: Hey weekend guy, you think you got what it takes to put me to sleep? Please, I've outlasted actual Mamas.

    • Earl: (trying to distinguish Fran's problem) Aright, this is your life, this is the kids (plunger), and this is me (telephone), if it's not the kids (throws away the plunger) what is it? (phone rings) Hello? Roy, it's me!

    • Earl: You're playing with fire here! You're really playing with fire!
      Baby: No, I'm playing with fire.
      Earl: Huh?
      (The Baby sets his tail in the fire, Earl rushes over and grabs him)
      Baby: Daddy.
      Earl: What?
      (The Baby's tail pops up on fire)
      Baby: Hot!

    • (Fran is rocking Baby)
      Baby: Hey, wait a minute! You're just trying to make me--(sleeps) ZZZZZZ.
      Fran: I don't believe you!
      Baby: (wakes up) I don't blame you!

  • NOTES (3)

    • John C. Mula, Brian Savegar and Kevin Pfeiffer won the 1991 Emmy Award for "Outstanding Art Direction for a Series" for this episode.

    • This is the first time that The Baby says his famous 'Not the Momma' line to Earl while hitting him with a frying pan. This would become the most recognized running gag of the show, and the one that most people remember when they think of it.

    • This episode can be seen in Dino-Volume 2 on VHS.