Season 2 Episode 13

What "Sexual Harris" Meant

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Dec 18, 1991 on ABC

Episode Recap

When Monica finds out her boss has been doing risky business on the job, she leaves and tries to ask Earl for a job as a tree-pusher. Earl constantly saying "a female tree-pusher?" which he was shocked but Fran made sure that he got her the job. Monica enters Richfield's office, while he tries to make some comments into sending her away, but Monica refuses by knocking down all the trees to get Richfield to hire her. Then she is sent to Al "Sexual" Harris who makes rude offensive statements to her after Monica refusing to do so and fires her for no good reason. The next-day, Monica demands a hearing and that is exactly what she gets, but her wish is being assaulted by every male jury in the courtroom and with B.P. Richfield. Monica and Fran confront and blames all the males for making rude remarks about females. Then Al "Sexual" Harris comes and admits the charges but Richfield excuses him and dismisses the case. Monica gets her payback on Al "Sexual" Harris and it ain't lovely neither.